Top 5 Places To Visit Near Australia

Australia is such a special country with magical adventures, amazing sightings, and cultural history, which all can be experienced with just an Australia tourist visa. With Australia being such a large country, it is impossible not to find something to do or a place to visit.

To make it even more special, it is close to many other amazing places you can not afford to miss.

Join me in this blog as we go through 5 must-see destinations close to Australia.

Boats floating in a body of water with buildings and the Sky Tower of New Zealand in the background.

New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the closest Islands to Australia, with many amazing adventures and attractions. New Zealand offers some amazing landscapes, mountain ranges, and adventure sports.

Queenstown: This is considered the adventure capital of the world. Offering anything from extreme sports to relaxing day cruises.

Auckland: Behind the largest city in New Zealand. You can discover some luxurious hotels and restaurants. Dive into outdoor adventures when visiting the glow worm caves. Or be amazed by the iconic Sky Tower, measuring a height of 328m.

Rotorua: Embrace the traditions of New Zealand. You can experience the full Maori culture with special delicacies and traditional dances.

An Aerial view of blue ocean water meeting the land of Bali.


A country that offers some of the most beautiful beaches, traditional villages, and caring wildlife parks. This country is what travelling is all about.

Obtaining an Australia tourist visa can be challenging, and usually, the Australia tourist visa processing time can take up to a few weeks. However, Indians do not require a visa for Indonesia, so this is the perfect place to visit after your Australia trip since you don’t have to wait for a visa.

Bali: Any traveller on a budget must visit Bali. It offers amazing beaches, relaxing hotels, and water sports for everybody.

Gili Islands: The overwater villages provide a nightlife experience nobody can forget. Apart from water activities such as snorkelling and scuba diving, you can also explore these waters with a glass-bottom boat.

Tanjung Puting National Park: With Indonesia being such a tropical paradise, you will have abundant greenery everywhere. But visiting Tanjung Puting Park is just a must on your list, especially since it is home to the special Orangutans.

Two people standing on the beach during nighttime looking up at the stars.


You can explore Australia and see amazing places with just an Australia tourist visa. But Fiji offers that real Island lifestyle that every traveller dreams of experiencing. With hundreds of small islands, Fiji can provide you with some amazing journeys. Travellers can experience a variety of crystal blue waters, exotic temples, and jungle rivers.

Cola-I-Suva Forest Park: With a hike of 6.5km, you pass multiple natural water pools and wildlife. The rest at the top provides a beautiful landscape with the peach and quietness of nature.

Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple: Travellers wanting to explore the country’s historic sites, this is the perfect place. This Hindu temple is one of only a few places to see traditional Dravidian engineering.

Musket Cove Marina: A place with blue waters and relaxing experiences. This marina provides a place for boats and yachts to refuel. It offers luxurious hotels, restaurants, and swimming pools, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing Island holiday.

Wooden boat and small hut on a body of water during daytime.

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is very close to Australia, so if you want to get to the next step quickly, this is a good place to visit. Known for rainforests, historical museums, and volcanic ranges.

Even though these countries are close to each other, you still need an Australia visa for Indians and a Papua New Guinea visa if they wish to visit both countries.

Kokoda Track: As you walk the famous Kokoda Track. This journey is more than just a stroll through the beautiful landscape. It is part of the history where world war 2 soldiers walk these same pathways.

The Rainforest Habitat: Enter this sanctuary to learn more about the incredible biodiversity of Papua New Guinea. Discover the hidden connections that hold this unique ecosystem together as you encounter creatures of all kinds.

Varirata National Park: The scenic route provides plenty of wildlife and is especially known for its variety of birds. It has a few lookout points where you can rest with amazing ocean views.

Mountains with greenery and boats in the ocean in the Philippines.

The Philippines

A country made up of thousands of Islands provides travellers with experiences of any kind. The Philippines has some of the best ocean waters to experience, historic buildings, and unique landscapes.

Boracay: Where pristine beaches and a thriving nightlife coexist. You can enjoy the white sand beaches and warm blue water in the daytime. Once the night-time hits, you can enjoy the amazing cuisine and dance the night away beneath the stars.

Banuae: Visit Banuae to see its historic steps that cascade upward like stairways. These stunning rice terraces, a UNESCO World Heritage site, tell stories of long-ago farming methods and show the clever combination of people and nature.

Bohol: Set out on an adventure in Bohol, where stunning scenery and amazing wildlife is the main focus. Discover the natural wonders of the Chocolate Hills, which any traveller should experience.

In The End?

Indian nationals have been exploring Australia much more since the Australia tourist visa open date back in 2021. Indians can explore all the country offers with a tourist visa. We Saw that once you travel to Australia, you are close to so many amazing places which travellers can visit.

Travelling to Australia, you must apply for an Australia tourist visa, pay the Australia visa fees, and then wait for your Australia visa to be processed. The Australia visa processing time for Indians can take some time, so be sure to apply for your visa at least 4 weeks in advance.

From there, you can plan your travel to these other amazing places.

Each place has unique cultural history, landscapes, and activities to experience.

You can conveniently explore these countries from Australia, where travelling would take just a few hours.

Enjoy your travelling to Australia and these other amazing destinations.

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