Some Ideas to Buy and Use a Power Strip

We are always complaining that there are too many appliances at home but just a few power outlets. Well, a power strip will help to solve this issue, and most families have at least one power strip at home to meet various connections to appliances. However, there are millions of different power strips in the market, and how to buy the right one?  In this article, we will talk about some suggestions that may help you to get your own power strips in the most suitable way and the tips to use the power strip correctly.

Some Suggestions to Get a Better Power Strip

With too many powerstrip brands in the market, we may consider the most useful ones according to their functions. Firstly, there are power strips that are equipped with individual on/off switches. Generally, there are two types of power strips available: single master switches and individual switches. Instead of working as a whole, the power strip with individual power switches allows users to only switch on the outlets that are required and switch off the unnecessary ones. Such a design helps the user to save electricity and reduce the load on the power strip, which will also be more safety.

Secondly, some power strips have a USB socket (Type A or Type C as well) in the free charging space. For many smartphone users, these sockets will bring great convenience as they don’t have to carry the plugs around when they need to charge their electronic devices.

Thirdly, some types of power strips can protect your devices against lightning. It is also called “overcurrent protection” that occurs in villages more frequently.

Fourthly, power filtering is an essential option for audio fans. With an electronic filter installed between the electronic device and the power source, the electromagnetic interference between them will be cut or even eliminated, and in return, the working life of the device will be extended.

Finally, the smart control function is popular among power strip brands. Now, manufacturers are focusing on Smart Homes with many functions available for remote controls. In this case, a smart power strip can work through smart assistants or applications.

How to Use A Power Strip Correctly?

After getting your own power strips, it is important to know some fundamentals that could improve your experience. 1. Check to see if your power strip has passed the standard (BS1363/A). 2. Meanwhile, try to avoid placing the power strip in a humid environment, or under sunlight/heat environment in case of circuit shortage or overheating. It is also important to keep your power strips out of reach of children. 3. Power strips are designed with a maximum power level. For example, if your power strip is established with 5 sockets and total power of 3000W, the total power of all your devices that connect to this power strip can not be over this limit. 4. Do not add on additional plugs to the power outlet, which may result in power overloadings.


In conclusion, when selecting the right power strip, it is significant to match your needs depending on different circumstances. As there are power strips equipped with individual switches, different types of sockets, special protection devices, electronic filters, and smart controls. These tools will fit different users’ needs if the users apply them in the right way. Accordingly, the user has to check if the power strip passes the standard and avoid exposing the power strip to humid, sunlight/heat conditions. In addition, never add extra plugs to the power outlet or overload the maximum power limits!

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