Top 5 Features to Look for in HR Software before Getting it

HRM software is considered a game-changer in the industry. Ask anyone. No matter what the size of the business is, it can be an SME (small and medium enterprise) or a multinational (large) organization, using the Human Resource software today has become essential.

The only concern that you should be having now is whether the software you bought was the right one or not. It means if the HR software corresponds to your business vision and its objectives.

For example, if the goal of your company is to increase profit margin, then you may consider using a free Human Resource software. However, using that software may save you money on the software itself but, will it actually reduce the costs?

Free software used by HR professionals is usually not a bulletproof option. Quantity of bugs, slow updates, and data privacy are some of the concerns that cannot guarantee you success. On the contrary, such options can lead to data loss, error in employee data, and even delay in payroll.

On the other hand, with better-paid versions, HR and payroll software solutions have the ability to not only offer protection to the employees’ data, but in addition, these software options can also offer special customizations that your company may require.

The Must-Have 5 Features Your HRM Software Should Include

There are so many software options that are giving a complete set of HR modules that help HR professionals in managing their tasks in a better and more efficient manner. However, other software options are more focused, i.e. offering modules that are the most necessary ones so you get exactly what you want without any added cost.

There are also software options that offer customization so if the company needs an additional feature, it can be added or integrated.

If you are looking for a good option so that your HR processes become automated, the following features are a must-have. So, keep the following modules in mind when selecting any software for your company:

1. ESS or Employee Self Service

This feature helps in improving efficiency in the company in general and in the HR processes in specific. When the employees get access to their pay stubs, available leaves, performance records, and so on both on a web portal as well as on their mobile as application, transparency prevails.

With this feature, HR professionals can manage all employees easily and it doesn’t matter what the number of employees is.

In short, managing employees becomes easy.

2. Payroll Handling

Payroll handling usually involves:

  • Finalizing the pay-slips
  • Calculating the pay of an employee
  • Calculating all taxes and other deductions involving any funds
  • Managing the bonuses based on the performance of the employees
  • Taking the number of errors to a minimum with the help of automating the whole process

These are some of the advantages that any HR and Payroll management system can assist within a company. Apart from these advantages, you will find a lot of other pros when you will start using one yourself.

3. Cloud-based Recruitment

Any HR department starts with recruiting the right talent. With the help of cloud-based recruitment software, both recruiting and onboarding become simple saving a lot of time. The software module helps in writing and posting the right JD, short for job description.

Afterward, the resume screening, interview scheduling, and final selection; everything becomes streamlined. So, when you are looking to get HR software, make sure to select the one with an outstanding recruitment module.

HR staff members will likely get more work done in half the time when using software that can screen hundreds of resumes with just adding a few clicks/filters, schedule interviews from the top matches, and so on.

Time saved.

Paperwork reduced.

Recruitment automated.

4. Attendance Management System

Mostly, companies use software for attendance tracking purposes. No matter the number of employees you have, with an automated system in place the attendance is managed properly with transparency.

The employees can also check their past attendance and total number of hours worked in a month. It helps in checking their performance and punctuality. This feature then sends data to the payroll management where any deductions or additions to the pay are finalized.

5. Cloud-based Performance

This feature is pretty straightforward. Why is this a must-have feature for good HR management software?

When there are 20 employees with each having different goals, separate KPIs, and a diverse role in the team, evaluating their performance may become tricky. When done manually, HR may take more time with higher chances of mistakes.

When software is used, the performance evaluation becomes rather easy and streamlined. The KPIs, the feedback, the punctuality, the goals, and so on; everything becomes automatic and thus their performance is evaluated not only faster but also the report is easily accessed by different management personnel.

The employee can also check their performance review. When the system is transparent, roadblocks become almost negligible and the process becomes streamlined and efficient.


In summary, the top 5 features that are essential to look for in HR software before implementing it in your company include core HR, recruitment and Payroll management, attendance tracking, and the performance review becoming transparent.

With these features, you can help your company to streamline its processes while reducing the number of errors and improving productivity remarkably.

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