How can you go to Mecca to perform Umrah?

Going to Mecca is the wish of every Muslim to perform Umrah. Mecca is the only holy place worldwide where Muslims can perform pilgrimage. Muslims go there to perform Umrah and Hajj (which have fixed dates). Mecca is the holiest place in the world for Islam’s followers.

Performing Umrah is a blessing of Allah (SWT) to Muslims. They should take it as the most significant advantage for its benefits and blessings of Allah (SWT). But getting to Mecca might not be very easy for everyone. Keep reading this article till the end to make everything clear in your mind.

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Getting Mecca for Umrah

There can be numerous ways to get to Mecca, whether you’re in any part of the world. These days, the airline plays an essential part in travelling to other nations. Similarly, Mecca is also a place you can go by air through airline flights. But if you live near the location of Mecca city, you can go there easily anytime. Now let’s see some mandatory things that you must have to go to the holy city. 

You must have a visa:

To enter other countries, a visa is required. This is the primary permit that one must have. During departing, it will be checked. So, make sure you have a valid visa to go. Saudi Arabia has introduced many types of visas. On some behalf, you can perform Umrah. A special permit called an Umrah visa exists to perform the lesser pilgrimage. However, other types exist, such as tourist/visit, e-waiver, etc. 

Transportation to get to Mecca:

This is one of the compulsory steps to go to the holy city. Most Muslims go there by having a flight. Although you can’t fly to Mecca directly, your flight will land in Medina or Jeddah. Most pilgrims prefer to land in Jeddah. There is an airport called King Abdul-Aziz International Airport. 

From the airport to Mecca, you have to get transportation again. You can book private or public vehicles like trains, buses, and taxi services. However, a private vehicle will be very costly for you.

Accommodation in Mecca:

Accommodation is mandatory to stay in the holy city of Mecca. There are several hotels and properties where pilgrims can stay and enjoy the services and facilities. Some hotels provide breakfast as well.

To get your accommodation, you need a vehicle. Using any transportation, you can get to Mecca and perform Umrah and do some Ziyarats on the holy sites.

What activities can you do in Mecca?

There are a lot of spiritual activities that you can do there. Remember you are going there to fulfil a religious act, not for any other. So, activities there must be pure spiritual just for the sake of Allah (SWT). See the list below:

  • The most significant act you can do in Mecca is the Umrah performance.
  • You can do Ziyarats and visit the holy sites.
  • While visiting Ziyarats, you can offer Nafl prayers there.
  • You can offer prayers in Masjid al-Haram.
  • Other spiritual acts you can perform there.
  • One of the things that you can do is the shopping in Mecca market.

Final words

To sum up, Umrah is Islam’s most prominent and spiritual act. Muslims from around the world give respect to this minor pilgrimage. However, you must be careful about each and everything. Ensure you have purchased an Umrah package to make your journey smooth and memorable. It would be best if you made an itinerary and proper checklist for proper luggage, including essential items. May you get to Mecca, perform Umrah there correctly, and have a grateful time.

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