6 Wonderful Gifts to Send When You’re Traveling During a Loved One’s Special Occasion 

Travel escapades should never interfere with expressing love and care to those dear to you. Just because there’s a physical distance doesn’t mean your affection can’t reach them.

Whether it’s their birthday, graduation, Christmas, or a grand event like a wedding, there’s always that one gift that makes a loved one feel extra special on their day despite the two of you being miles apart.

Read on for some gift ideas that are not only special but also considerate of your travel plans.

1. Send Flowers from a Local Florist, e.g., in Chicago 

Even from afar, the charm of sending flowers never fails to bring smiles. Start your search online for local florists who deliver to your loved one’s location.

For instance, you could send a bouquet to someone in Chicago by simply ordering from an online Chicago-based florist shop. Choose their favorite blossoms and have them arranged in a striking bouquet. Add a personal message and voila!

It’s an old-fashioned gesture that still captures hearts today.

2. Locally-Made Souvenirs as Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts, especially for holidays and special occasions, always strike a chord. And what could be more personal than a gift that hints at your current locale? Look for handmade crafts, traditional artwork, or exclusive locally-made souvenirs that reflect the culture of the country you’re in.

Imagine their joy as they unwrap an intricately designed Turkish lamp, or marvel at a unique Ghanaian kente cloth. A gift like this not only shows thoughtfulness but also shares a part of your traveling experience with them.

3. Gift Cards to International Restaurants or Online Stores 

Gift cards make for versatile presents. Particularly if you’re unsure of what to get, the flexibility they offer is a good fallback. Did your loved one mention wanting to try a new Japanese restaurant back in town? Get them a gift card for that meal!

Alternatively, you could get gift cards from online markets like Amazon or eBay – the list is endless. These may allow your dear recipient to select exactly what they want for their momentous occasion, all while experiencing the thrill of shopping internationally from the comfort of their home.

4. Digital Sentiments: E-Cards and Video Messages

In the digital age, heartfelt emotions can be shared at the click of a button. On their special day, consider sending an e-card or a video message to your loved one. Receiving a lively and colorful e-card in their inbox coupled with your warm wishes is bound to make them smile.

Alternatively, a personalized video message sharing your surroundings, your adventures, and of course, your best wishes could bring you closer despite the miles. It’s virtual yet intimate, a perfect blend for our modern times.

5. Subscription Boxes from Your Journey Destinations 

Incorporate a touch of surprise into your gift with a subscription box service. From exotic snacks to artisanal crafts or beauty products, there’s a subscription box for every interest, and they make for delightful gifts.

Consider subscribing for your loved one to receive monthly packages filled with goodies straight from your travel destination. Seeing them savor unique flavors or admiring handcrafted items is like sharing snippets of your travel experience, adding a special touch to the occasion.

6. ‘Hug in a Box’: Customized Care Package

Nothing screams “I care” louder than a customized care package. Fill it with items that remind them of shared memories, or those you know they’ll love.

Did your best friend just graduate and you couldn’t be there? Send them a “Hug in a Box” with their favorite candy, some comfort food staples, and maybe even a cute graduation cap ornament. It’s the kind of gift that says “congratulations” while also sending them a virtual hug from abroad.

Remember, a gift is just a symbol of your affection – it’s the thought behind it that counts. What will your next thoughtful gift be while you’re exploring the world? If it’s your loved one’s special event, you bet the above few options are well worth considering.

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