Goldilocks Menu Philippines with Updated Prices

Are you looking for best Filipino Cakes and Pastries? Goldilocks Menu is considered the best choice in Philippines with awesome taste. Goldilocks is the most popular bakery in the Philippines serving delicious cakes, pastries, and native delicacies since 1966. They have huge variety in affordable prices. Let me help you find the best menu of goldilocks for you in reasonable rates.

Goldilocks Menu Philippines

Goldilocks is a Filipino Famous bakery with popular delicious cakes, pastries and native delicacies of Filipinos. Here’s a look at some of Goldilocks’ latest offerings in snacks, party packs and desserts, along with their prices in Philippine pesos (PHP).

Goldilocks Premium Cakes

Goldilocks Menu Philippines discounts
CakePrice (PHP)
Black Forest Cake638
Classic Sansrival792
Chocolate Caramel Decadence Cake616
Double Dutch Cake572
Royal Fudge Cake with Toblerone638
Chocolate Mousse Cake594
Chocolate Cherry Torte638
Blushing Hearts Cake638
All About Chocolate Cake726
Avengers Birthday Choco 9″ Round495
Spiderman Birthday Choco 9″ Round495
Princess Birthday Marble 9″ Round495
Princess Birthday Choco 9″ Round495
Pastel Blooms Choco 8×12794
Luscious Caramel 8×12966
Fruity Choco 12″ Round with Filling909
Luscious Mocha804
Goldilocks Premium Cakes Menu

Snacks and Pasalubong

Goldilocks provides a variety of snacks and Filipino pasalubong ideal for gift giving or enjoying at home.

Cashew Polvoron (shortbread cookies), 10 pieces87 PHP
Pinipig Polvoron, 10 pieces87 PHP
Butter Cake Slice42 PHP
Nutty Caramel Popcorn29 PHP
Classic Polvoron, 10 pieces77 PHP
Mango Tarts, 6 pieces144 PHP
Sweet Banana Rolls, 6 pieces144 PHP
Ube Cheese Pandesal, 6 pieces144 PHP
Snacks and Pasalubong

Party Packs

Goldilocks’ party bundles feature an array of cakes, pastries and even savory dishes perfect for any celebration.

Party Package A (serves 10-15)2,800 PHP
Party Package B (serves 20-25)4,500 PHP
Party Package C (serves 30-35)6,500 PHP
Party Package D (serves 40-50)9,800 PHP
Party Packs Menu

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Goldilocks Desserts Menu

Goldilocks’ cakes and native Filipino sweets are a must try sweets.

Chocolate Cherry Torte, petite230 PHP
Black Forest Cake, petite230 PHP
Butter Macaroons, 12 pieces79 PHP
Mocha Sansrival550 PHP
Ube Cake Roll399 PHP
Leche Flan, petite115 PHP
Sweet Corn Cashew Tart115 PHP
Goldilocks Desserts Menu

All Day Goldilocks Menu

Goldilocks Menu Philippines
Menu ItemPrice (PHP)
Chicken Popcorn with Rice138
Breaded Porkchop with Rice215
Lechon Paksiw with Rice231
Pancit Malabon149
Fresh Lumpia (4 pcs)116
Sotanghon Soup116
Arroz Caldo116
Fried Veggie Lumpia with Egg116
Chicken Adobo Pie65
Tuna Sisig Pie65
Pork with Chorizo Bilbao Pie76
All Day Goldilocks Menu

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All Day Goldilocks Merienda Menu

ItemPrice (PHP)
Arroz Caldo116
Fresh Lumpia (4 pcs)116
Pancit Malabon149
All Day Goldilocks Merienda Menu

Goldilocks Best Selling Items

Goldilocks’ best selling items, including the Royal Fudge Cake with Toblerone and Beef Caldereta, with their prices:

ItemPrice (PHP)
Royal Fudge Cake with Toblerone (9″ round)804
Beef Caldereta (serves 10 pax)2,850
Beef Caldereta (150g pouch)110
Polvoron Classic (10 pieces)77
Mamon (10 pieces)165
Goldilocks Best Selling Items

Goldilocks Birthday Theme Cakes

Goldilocks cakes Philippines

Goldilocks menu offers a wide variety of themed birthday cakes such as; Character cakes, Disney, Nickelodeon, Marvel Avengers, safari world cakes, unicorn cakes and customized cakes.

CakeSizePrice (PHP)
Avengers Birthday Choco Cake9″ Round495
Spiderman Birthday Choco Cake9″ Round495
Princess Birthday Marble Cake9″ Round495
Unicorn Cake8″ Round780
Safari World Cake9″ x 13″ Rectangular1,560
Goldilocks Birthday Theme Cakes

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Goldilocks Party Packages Lists

Goldilocks menu provides customizable party packages for birthdays and other celebrations. it may includes;

  • Packages for 10-15 people, 20-25 people, 30-35 people etc.
  • Mix and match from cakes, pastries, savory dishes like pancit, lumpia etc.
  • Prices start from 2,800 PHP (Package A) up to 6,500 PHP (Package C)
PackageGuestsPrice (PHP)
Package A10-152,800
Package B20-254,500
Package C30-356,500
Package D40-509,800
Goldolocks Party Packages Lists

Goldilocks Delivery Services & Online App

Goldilocks menu makes it convenient to enjoy your favorites at home with their delivery services. You can place orders through their online app or website, with the option for advance delivery up to 14 days. For orders and more information, visit Goldilocks Delivery.

Goldilocks Menu

Goldilocks Locations

With numerous locations nationwide, finding a Goldilocks near you is easy. Visit their store locator to find the nearest branch.

Goldilocks Bonuses and Redeems

The Goldilocks Card offers a way to earn points for future purchases, adding value to every transaction. Points can be redeemed for delicious treats, making every visit to Goldilocks even more rewarding.

You can visit Goldilocks official Facebook page for more details.

Concluding Goldilocks Menu Prices Philippines

Goldilocks continues to be a part of Filipino culture offering a wide range of delicious options for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack, a festive cake, or a full meal, Goldilocks offers every thing within your budget. With convenient delivery options, a loyalty program, and locations nationwide, enjoying Goldilocks has never been easier.

Frequently asked Questions of Goldilocks Menu

What are some of the featured selections on the Goldilocks menu in the Philippines?

Goldilocks Philippines features a variety of  both sweet and savory. which may includes, Cakes and Pastries and Savory Dishes.

Does Goldilocks offer party packages for special occasions?

Yes, Goldilocks provides customizable party packages ideal for birthdays, christenings, family gatherings, and other special events.

Are there any vegetarian or seafood options available at Goldilocks?

While the primary focus of Goldilocks’ menu is on traditional Filipino dishes, which often include meat, there are seafood options available such as Pinangat Na Pampano, Escabecheng Tilapia, and Deep Fried Whole Bangus. For vegetarian options, customers may need to inquire directly with Goldilocks, as the menu items predominantly feature meat and seafood

Can customers order Goldilocks products online for delivery?

Yes, customers can order their favorite Goldilocks cakes, pastries, and savory dishes online for delivery. 

What are some of the best-selling items at Goldilocks?

Goldilocks’ best-selling items include a mix of their famous cakes, pastries, and savory dishes.

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