Andoks Menu Prices Philippines 2024: Affordable and Delicious Meals

Andok’s in the Philippines is a popular and budget friendly fast food place. You can enjoy affordable meals, signature dishes, best sellers, soft drinks, juice, M2Tea, Coke Piso Rice Meals, and combo deals. We have gathered the complete Andoks menu prices for everything just for you.

andoks menu

Andoks Menu Philippines

Andok’s is one of the largest and most famous local food chains in the Philippines. It started in 1985 and is famous for its delicious roasted chicken and other Filipino dishes. They have a huge menu with more than 100 different items, including roasted chicken, snacks, rice meals, and combos. So, if you’re looking for tasty Filipino food, Andoks menu is a great choice.

andoks menu

Andoks Affordable Meals

Andoks Affordable Meals menu offers a variety of options within a budget. Here are the prices:

Menu ItemsPrices (PHP)
Dokito Meal94
Porkcharap Meal91
Chicken BBQ Meal108
Pork BBQ Meal105
Doki 2 Legs Meal94
Spicy Doki 2 Legs Meal94
Spicy Dokito Meal94
Andoks menu Affordable Meals

Signature Dishes And Favorites

andoks menu prices

Andok’s Favorites menu includes some of their most popular dishes. Especially Litson Manok, their famous roasted chicken marinated in herbs and spices Some of Andok’s signature items include:

Menu ItemsPrices (PHP)
Litson Baka429
Litson Manok396
Dokito Box462
BBQ Liempo Meal116
Pork BBQ Sticks (3pcs)132
Andoks Menu Signature Dishes

Food Exclusive And Best Seller Dishes

Andok’s Food Exclusive menu offers unique dishes that are only available at their restaurants. Here are the prices:

Menu ItemsPrices (PHP)
1 Litson Manok with 3 Rice & 1.5L Pepsi500
Dokito Bucket Rice & 1.5L Pepsi599
Best Seller Combos Andoks Menu

Soft Drinks

Andok’s Soft Drinks menu includes a variety of refreshing beverages. Here are the prices:

Menu ItemsPrices (PHP)
Coke in can41
Sprite in Can41
Royal in Can41
Pepsi (1.5 Liter)81
Seven Up (1.5 Liter)81
Mountain Dew (1.5 Liter)81
Sprite (1.5 Liter)84
Royal (1.5 Liter)84
Coke Zero (1.5 Liter)84
Mountain Dew38
Coke (1.5 Liter)84
Andok’s Soft Drinks


Andok’s Juice menu offers different healthy and refreshing drinks. Here are the prices:

Menu ItemsPrices (PHP)
Del Monte Pineapple38
Andoks Menu Juice


Andok’s M2Tea menu offers a variety of tea drinks. Here are the prices:

Menu ItemsPrices (PHP)
Tea Drink (300 ml)132
Tea Drink (1000 ml)319
Tea Ready-to-Drink (300 ml)61
Andoks Menu M2Tea

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Coke Piso Rice Meals

Andok’s Coke Piso Rice Meals offer a variety of meals that come with a free cup of rice for only 1 peso. Here are the prices:

Menu ItemsPrices (PHP)
Dokito Frito Meal + Coke + Piso Rice138
Doki 2 Legs Meal + Coke + Piso Rice138
Pork Charap Meal + Coke + Piso Rice134
Spicy Dokito Frito Meal + Coke + Piso Rice138
BBQ Liempo Meal + Coke + Piso Rice159
Chicken BBq Meal + Coke + Piso Rice151
BBQ Kasimstik Meal + Coke + Piso Rice148
Spicy Doki 2 legs Meal + Coke Piso Rice138
BBQ Liempo Stik Meal + Coke + Piso Rice148
Andoks Coke Piso Rice Meals Menu

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Combo Meal

Andok’s Combo Meal offers a variety of meals that come with a drink and a side dish. Here are the prices for 2024:

Menu ItemsPrices (PHP)
Salu-Salo Meal845
Andoks Combo Meal menu

Andok’s Delivery Services and Online App

Andok’s offers delivery services through their website and mobile app. Customers can order their favorite meals and have them delivered straight to their doorstep.

The app is available for download on the Google Play Store. The Andok’s app provides easy access to menus, promotions and more. Andok’s offers delivery in most locations through GrabFood, FoodPanda and other similar services. They also have an online branch finder to locate the nearest dine-in restaurant.

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Benefits and Bonus Cards Of Andok’s

Andok’s offers a loyalty program for their customers. Customers can sign up for the Yum Squad loyalty program to earn rewards and exclusive deals. They can earn points for every purchase and redeem them for free meals and other rewards. They also offer bonus cards for customers who purchase a certain amount of meals.

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Summarizing Andoks Menu Philippines

Andoks menu prices in the Philippines offer a variety of affordable and delicious meals for customers. With their delivery services and loyalty program, customers can enjoy their favorite meals and earn rewards at the same time. People in the Philippines really like Andoks. Whether you want their tasty Litson Manok or a good bowl of Sinigang, Andoks has yummy food for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of meals can I find at Andoks?

Andok’s menu offers a variety of meal sets that cater to different tastes and preferences. Their menu includes their national roasted chicken, regular fried chicken, and a spicy version for those who enjoy a bit of heat. They also serve other roasted meats, providing a complete meal experience.

What are some of the popular items on Andok’s menu?

Some of the popular andoks menu items includes:
Dokito: A single serving of Andok’s famous roasted chicken.
Barbecue: Skewered and grilled meats that are a Filipino street food staple.
BBQ Liempo: Grilled pork belly that’s both savory and satisfying.
Liempo: A larger serving of pork belly for sharing.
Original Jumbo: A larger portion of Andok’s roasted chicken, ideal for families or groups.
Lechon Baka: Roasted beef, another Filipino favorite

How can I order from Andok’s?

Customers can order Andoks delivery through local online food delivery services like Here, you can browse Andoks menu, select items, and have them delivered to your location.

Does Andok’s offer any Redeem or bonus cards?

Customers can sign up for the Yum Squad loyalty program to earn rewards and exclusive deals. They can earn points for every purchase and redeem them for free meals and other rewards.

Is Andok’s Halal certified?

No, Andok’s Philippines is not Halal certified.

Is Andok’s open 24 hours?

Many Andok’s locations are open 24 hours, but it’s best to check with your local branch for specific hour.

Does Andok’s offer delivery?

Yes, Andok’s delivers through services like GrabFood and, depending on your location in the Philippine.

What are Andok’s favorites?

Litson Baka: ₱429.00
Litson Manok: ₱396.00
Liempo: ₱325.00
Dokito Box: ₱462.00

What are some affordable meals at Andok’s?

Dokito Meal: ₱94.00
Porkcharap Meal: ₱91.00
Chicken BBQ Meal: ₱108.00
Pork BBQ Meal: ₱105.00

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