In Search of Adventures: Best Group Camping Activities in Saint Louis

Sleeping under the starry sky, watching magical sunrises, family and romantic dinners at sunset have become a good tradition for summer holiday outdoor pastimes. Being one of the well-known and biggest cities in Missouri, St. Louis becomes a real mecca for camping in the middle of nature with the onset of heat. The savor of finger-licking grill, fireside supper, and laughter of kids frolicking in the water are best camp memories of most families from the US and outside. Missouri State Parks offer plenty of opportunities for memorable camping trips for those who prefer tent or caravan. 19 parks located throughout St. Louis provide more than 80 campgrounds from outlying walk-in spots to places with the water and electricity connection. Campsites are mainly situated next to the action but still far enough away from busy spots for enjoyment and relaxation. 

Although there are many traditional campsites in Missouri state, seekers of camping adventures in St. Louis would be interested in getting off the beaten path to become a little “wilder” and closer to nature. If you’re looking for an unforgettable camping experience, here is the list of some unique activities: 

Pin Oak Camping

Pin Oak Creek RV Park is a marvelous site for campers with a ton of saving shade to keep the freshness on hot days. Numerous group camping activities including pickleball, mini golf, and fishing in a private pond exhausts you so much that you will enjoy a balmy sleep all night long. The park is situated just 40 miles away from the city of St. Louis, on legendary U.S. 66. Therefore, while in The Lou, do not miss your opportunity to drive along the iconic highway and plunge into the mysterious atmosphere of the past with a hint of nostalgia. Experience the freedom when the wind blows your hair in a luxury convertible or feel the powerful roar of the engine below you driving a fancy sports car. Luxury car rental in St. Louis will give you an unforgettable spirit of adventure when blasting down the American highways. Luxury car rentals in St. Louis are represented by such a world-famous brands as:

  • Range Rover
  • Chrysler
  • BMW
  • Cadillac
  • Lexus, etc.

Saint Louis Zoo Garden

One of the top-rated US animal parks gives an excellent opportunity for kids over five years of age to spend time exploring the world, interacting with nature, and participating in plenty of fun outdoor group activities. Children will enjoy exciting Wild Nights, youngsters will be invited to spend the night at the Zoo, and get the unrivaled experience with the Sea Lion Tunnel.

Attentive and friendly animal park staff entertains everyone with engaging handicrafts, dancing, flashlight tours, and other after-sunset activities.

Fun City Museum

New generation museums combine educational content, practical experience and playful activities. The City Museum is a stomping ground for kids and adults and the true “king” of the list of St. Lou`s attractions. Have you ever had a thrilling night in the museum? Then come on in the City Museum! Mix the ‘hands-on’ art museum with group camping fun in St. Louis to experience one of the most outstanding nights in your life. Visitors will get full access to mysterious MonstroCity and the Enchanted Caves. The ticket cost starts from $25 (kids under 3 play free). Price includes buffet breakfast and tasty dinner. 

Extraordinary St. Louis Science Center

Gaining scientific knowledge in the fields of physics, biology, geography, and the structure of the universe has never been so exciting. The science center was created to encourage kids and youngsters to learn better how this world works and to give them the opportunity to create their own inventions to make it better and more developed. Groups will also be able to attend Omnimax shows, discover the museum after hours, and participate in amazing science exhibitions. With certain camp-ins, young scientists can enjoy sleeping under the stars inside of the Planetarium!

Missouri Botanical Gardens

Lovers of inspiring natural landscapes will appreciate the beauty of the Missouri Botanical Garden. Adults will get the garden all to themselves while a group of little scouts can explore the unique pieces of the Children’s Garden and complete nature crafts. Young naturalists will know more about the world of plants, gardening, and pollination to compete for the award by caring for their fairy garden. Missouri Garden offers more than 20 scouts programs and special discounts for groups. 

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