Planning a Group Getaway: Advantages of Travelling in a 7 Seater Car

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A 7-seater is not a luxury but a necessity for a group trip. When you don’t have enough space in a regular 5-seater sedan, the minivan solves the problem of extra passengers. 

One of the main advantages of cars from this class is their multitasking capabilities. They allow you to take more passengers onboard and transport even bulky luggage. Plus, equipping some models with an all-wheel drive system makes such an auto even more attractive for travelling. However, these are not all the positive aspects of 7-seaters. Let’s take a look at the major group travel benefits of minivans and see why they enjoy great popularity among drivers.

Extensive interior space 

Perhaps, this is one of the main reasons why people turn towards this vehicle class. Yes, the 7-seater is a particularly popular road trip car hire option. What exactly do we mean? 

Imagine that you are going on a family journey and want to pick up a set of wheels in Italy. If you opt for a minivan car hire in Italy, you will enjoy plenty of space on three rows of seats. A typical 7-seat vehicle is between 200 and 203 inches long, resulting in 140-160 cubic feet of space inside. Therefore, passengers sitting in the 1st-2nd-3rd rows have about 35-39 inches of legroom. Thus, you can take up to seven people and everyone will travel in comfort.

Big trunk 

7-seaters have large trunks that can hold a lot of cargo. For instance, the Chevy Traverse offers 29.5 cubic feet of space behind the third row, which can fit up to 4-5 suitcases and 3-4 midsize bags. Plus, you can additionally transform the 3rd row of seats to enlarge the overall luggage compartment. Seven-seater makes it possible to configure the interior and thus obtain the necessary space for your bags. Therefore, you won’t need to put luggage under your feet and thereby sacrifice comfort.

Excellent fuel economy 

A 7-seater car is an enlarged version of an ordinary sedan or hatchback. Therefore, the fuel consumption of such a vehicle is approximately the same. For example, the Ford Galaxy consumes 7.5 litres of fuel per 100km, while the Land Rover Discovery requires 9.1 to 9.3 litres per 100km. At the same time, an ordinary passenger van such as a Ford Transit has a fuel consumption of about 13-14 litres per 100 km. So, the seven-seater features excellent fuel economy, which allows you to count on a budget-friendly ride.

Enhanced safety

The 7-seater car is designed for group trips, which means the engineers paid special attention to the safety of this vehicle. An ordinary minivan has front and side airbags. Also, the driver can use systems such as fatigue control, blind spot monitor, lane-keeping assistance, and more simple features, including ABS and ESP. In addition, the seats of the 7-seater have reliable attachments for child seats. Therefore, the risk of injury in such an auto is less than in a conventional sedan or hatchback.

Outstanding ergonomics 

An important feature of seven-seaters is configurable seating. That is, you can fold or completely remove unnecessary seats when needed. This feature comes in handy when you need more cargo space – you configure the 3rd-row bench and your passenger minivan turns into a semi-cargo vehicle. By the way, the 2nd row of seats can also be transformed, which will expand the total luggage space to 140-160 cubic feet. 

Also, some models may have sliding doors that are more ergonomic than conventional ones. Opening such doors requires less space outside, which is especially critical when parking on narrow streets.

Higher interior and seating position 

Minivans are taller inside compared to sedans – their average interior height is 52 to 65 inches. Keeping this fact in mind, it will be easier for tall people to load/unload. Also, all passengers will enjoy plenty of headroom. 

In addition, 7-seaters have a higher seating position. That is, you sit higher above ground level and have much better visibility. In turn, this increases the distance you can see ahead and reduces the risk of a frontal collision. 

Perfect manoeuvrability 

The seven-seater combines the properties of a full-size sedan and a passenger van. It can take 7 passengers, but at the same time, it’s a simple auto with an extended body. In fact, driving a minivan is like driving a sedan – you don’t need too much room to turn around and park. Also, you feel confident when moving on narrow urban sections. Therefore, even if you have never driven a seven-seat vehicle, it will be easy for you to get used to due to minor differences in dimensions from a regular passenger auto.

A group road trip is impossible without a spacious car, and the 7-seater is ideal for transporting small crowds. This vehicle has a number of advantages, so consider it for your next journey with family or friends. If needed, you can hire a seven-seat minivan if you don’t have your own. Read more to choose the optimal time for booking.

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