A Comprehensive Guide to Men’s Cargo Comfort

Whether you’re into the camo cargo shorts trend or are a die-hard fan of classic carpenter pants, there is no denying that men’s cargo shorts are handy. They are comfortable and functional and look great paired with any shoe.

Initially designed for function, casual cargo pants can add a polished touch to your outfit with a crisp shirt or half-zip sweater.

Comfortable Waistband

A gentleman knows that a good pair of shorts can make or break his look. But baggy cargo pants or shorts that cover your knees can ruin the balanced silhouette you worked so hard to achieve with your top half. That’s why you need cargo shorts that fit just right.

You’ll be able to move freely in elastic waist cargo shorts that don’t have restrictive buttons or stiff materials. Some also feature a built-in crotch gusset that adds more room in the crotch area for comfort while you sit, crouch, or bend.

Roomy Pockets

Mens cargo shorts have roomy pockets that can store plenty of items. Unlike jean pockets, these are usually accordion-like and expand to accommodate more items when needed. Hence, they can be more beneficial for outdoor activities. Cargo shorts are also characterized by well-sewn, durable fabric. They’re an excellent alternative to traditional men’s hiking pants when going on hikes.

Men’s cargo shorts make a great addition to any summer wardrobe. They pair well with a polo shirt or a casual button-down shirt. They can even be worn with a lightweight, bright-colored T-shirt or pastels.

But it’s important to remember that cargo shorts must always be neat, a far cry from the baggy style that characterized them in the ’90s. To look truly good, a pair of cargo shorts must be clean and neat, made from fabrics that don’t crease or bunch up all over the place, with well-sewn and tidy pocket seams, and a fit that’s tastefully relaxed and tapered rather than baggier.

Convenient Storage

Cargo pants are convenient for outdoor activities because they feature roomy pockets to store necessities such as maps, water bottles, and keys. They also make a comfortable casual style for everyday wear and travel. 

Unlike the baggy, military-style cargo pants of yesteryear that may have come across as fratty Woodstock goers or mid-2000s dads, today’s versions are trimmer and less clunky. They’re also made with rugged fabrics that can withstand the wear and tear of active pursuits, and they’re available in both camo and neutral hues.

The rest of the design is like a traditional pair of bibs and will look good with a team-colored jersey or a black top for a casual Sunday at home.

Easy Care

Although pop culture might consider cargo shorts out of style, they’re still around. And while it’s true that the clunky styles of the late ’90s and early ’00s look as tasteless today as fratty Woodstock goers or mid-2000s dads, modern cargo shorts are often sleeker, trimmer, and tapered, with double side pockets and drawstrings for a tailored fit.

The key to cargo comfort is finding the right size, which should be manageable. Too-large cargo shorts scream ‘flare’ and create an imbalanced silhouette that looks juvenile, no matter how old you are. Whether hiking in the mountains or lounging at home, these easy-care cargo shorts will make you comfortable, convenient, and relaxed. Shop for a selection of black and camo cargo shorts to find your perfect pair. Or try something new and grab a khaki cargo chino short with an adjustable waistband that cinches at the hip to create a slimmer, more tailored silhouette.


Men’s cargo shorts were once ridiculed for their lack of style, but the new crop is leaner, less clunky, and more refined than its predecessors. They’re perfect for hiking and outdoor activities with the bros, but they also look great worn to casual events with a polo or button-down shirt.

The best cargo shorts are crafted from quick-drying and breathable fabrics, which prevent overheating and help regulate body temperature. They’re ideal for travel since they can be easily cleaned and stowed away.

If you invest in a pair of cargo shorts, make sure they’re made from an all-natural fabric such as cotton or linen. You can mitigate wrinkling by selecting a tighter weave or using a steamer. If you’re looking for something more luxurious, try a pair of shorts made from tropical-weight wool. The durable fabric won’t wrinkle and is perfect for outdoor activities and warm-weather trips. This luxe option is so comfortable that one reviewer says they’ve been wearing it “for 15 years.” They fit right at the waist, and the numerous pockets give them a military-style look.

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