7 savvy strategies to promote your restaurant locally

Running a restaurant is a labor of love, but let’s be honest – it’s no piece of cake. From perfecting recipes to managing staff and balancing the books, the daily grind of the food industry can leave even the most seasoned restaurateurs feeling like they’re in a pressure cooker. And if there’s one thing that adds an extra dollop of stress to the mix, it’s marketing!

With competitors popping up on every corner and diners spoilt for choice, how do you ensure that your eatery stands out from the crowd? Don’t worry as this blog will serve as your ultimate guide on how to spice up your marketing efforts and savor the sweet taste of success.

  1. Collaborate with influencers

In today’s digital age, influencers hold considerable sway over consumer preferences and dining choices. Collaborating with local influencers who have a substantial following can amplify your restaurant’s visibility and attract a wider audience. 

Consider partnering with food bloggers, Instagram foodies, or YouTube vloggers who align with your restaurant’s brand and target demographic. Invite them to dine at your restaurant and experience your menu firsthand, encouraging them to share their honest reviews and mouth-watering photos with their followers. 

For example, if you run a cozy brunch spot, collaborating with a popular local foodie on Instagram could lead to drool-worthy posts showcasing your signature avocado toast or fluffy pancakes, enticing their followers to pay a visit!

  1. Run social media ads

With billions of active users scrolling through their feeds daily, social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter offer a goldmine of advertising opportunities for restaurants. Invest in targeted social media ads to reach potential customers in your local area and beyond.

Design visually appealing ad creatives showcasing your restaurant’s ambiance, menu highlights, or upcoming promotions, and utilize advanced targeting options to reach users based on demographics, interests, and location. 

For instance, if you’re launching a new happy hour promotion, running Facebook ads targeting users aged 21-35 within a 10-mile radius of your restaurant could drive foot traffic during off-peak hours.

  1. Use print marketing

Design eye-catching flyers, brochures, or posters showcasing your restaurant’s unique offerings, specials, or upcoming events, and distribute them strategically in high-traffic areas such as local businesses, community centers, or residential neighborhoods. 

Additionally, consider placing advertisements in local newspapers, magazines, or dining guides to reach residents who may not be active on social media. This approach allows you to reach residents who may not be active on social media, thereby driving foot traffic from individuals less engaged with online platforms.

Use online design tools to create eye-catching flyers or posters. For example, PosterMyWall offers a huge variety of restaurant poster templates that you can easily edit and customize for your restaurant!

  1. Use email marketing

Email marketing remains a powerful tool for restaurants to engage with customers, promote specials, and drive repeat business. Build and nurture a loyal customer base by encouraging patrons to sign up for your email list in exchange for exclusive discounts, promotions, or a free appetizer. 

Send out regular newsletters or promotional emails highlighting new menu items, upcoming events, or special offers, and personalize content based on customer preferences and dining habits. 

For example, if your restaurant offers a weekly wine pairing dinner, sending out an email blast to subscribers with enticing menu previews and early booking incentives can drive reservations and boost revenue!

  1. Optimize for local SEO

Enhancing your restaurant’s visibility in local search engine results is essential for attracting nearby diners actively seeking dining options. Optimize your website for local SEO by incorporating relevant keywords, such as your restaurant’s name, cuisine, and location, in its content, meta tags, and URLs. 

Claim and verify your business listing on platforms like Google My Business, Yelp, and TripAdvisor, and ensure that your information is accurate and up-to-date. Encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews, as online reviews play a crucial role in local search rankings. 

  1. Partner with delivery services

With the rise of food delivery apps like Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Grubhub, partnering with these platforms can help expand your restaurant’s reach and accessibility to customers who prefer dining at home. 

Make your menu available for online ordering and delivery, so customers can easily access your offerings and place orders with just a few taps. Offer special promotions or discounts for delivery orders placed through these platforms to incentivize customers to choose your restaurant over competitors. 

Ensure that your menu items are packaged securely and travel well to maintain quality during delivery. For example, offering a limited-time promotion of free delivery for orders placed through a delivery app during lunch hours can attract busy office workers looking for convenient meal options.

  1. Offer seasonal promotions

Embrace the changing seasons and holidays by offering special promotions and limited-time offers that capitalize on seasonal trends and festivities. Create themed menus, festive cocktails, or holiday-inspired dishes to entice diners looking for a unique dining experience. 

Promote these promotions through your website, social media channels, and email marketing campaigns to generate excitement and drive traffic to your restaurant. For instance, you could offer a 15% discount on selected menu items on Mother’s Day and encourage families to enjoy a delicious meal at a discounted price.

Final thoughts

By incorporating these strategic approaches into your restaurant marketing efforts, you can effectively attract new customers, drive repeat business, and solidify your restaurant’s presence in the local dining scene. Stay consistent and watch your restaurant reach new heights!

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