1120 House Menu

The cafe serves a variety of dishes ranging from breakfast items, sandwiches, pasta, rice meals, desserts, and beverages like coffee and wine.

Some sample menu items mentioned include:

Menu Details

Matcha chocolate balls cheesecake

Brunch items like eggs benedict

Pasta dishes

Rice bowls

Customers can access a digital menu via QR codes on the tables. This allows for easy, contactless ordering during the pandemic.

Prices are mid-range, typical for a cafe in the upscale Rockwell area of Makati. The main dishes range from around 300 to 500 Philippine pesos based on sample images.

The cafe aims to be a relaxed, casual spot for dining, working on a laptop, or reading a book over coffee or wine.

1120 house menu

Popular dishes at 1120 house

Some of the popular dishes at 1120 House’s Bon Appetit cafe include:

  • Matcha chocolate balls cheesecake: This dessert item is specifically called out and pictured in multiple search results.
  • Eggs benedict: Listed as part of their “brunch” menu selections.
  • Pasta dishes: General pasta dishes are mentioned on their menu. A specific one shown is the Filipino crab-fat pasta.
  • Rice bowls: Also listed as part of their all-day menu.
  • Beef tapa: A Filipino-style cured beef dish pictured on their menu.
  • Tres leches cupcake: A sweet cupcake dessert highlighted.

Popular savory dishes include eggs benedict, pasta entrees like crab fat pasta, rice bowls, and beef tapa. On the dessert side, the matcha chocolate cheesecake, tres leches cupcake, and likely other baked goods seem to be favorites. Their diverse menu aims to have broad appeal.

1120 house menu

Signature dishes at 1120 house

A variety of menu items like pasta, rice bowls, eggs benedict, squash blossoms, shrimp dishes, and pastries. However, none are singled out as being an iconic or specialty signature dish of the restaurant. The closest examples to potential signature items would be:

  • Their matcha chocolate balls cheesecake is called out and pictured multiple times across the sources.
  • The freshwater shrimp and crab fat pasta is specifically described in one article among their “tempting dishes”.

So in summary, Bon Appetit at 1120 House serves an eclectic all-day menu focused on comfort foods like pasta and rice meals, as well as baked goods, coffee, and alcohol. They utilize a digital ordering system, with prices in line for the high-end location.

1120 house menu

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