Davids Tea House Menu

David’s Tea House is a popular chain of Chinese restaurants in the Philippines founded by David Yeau in 2003. It started with one location in Chinatown, Manila, and has since expanded to over 20 locations nationwide.

Some highlights of the David’s Tea House menu include:

Menu Items

  • Soups: Popular options include the Polonchay with Seafood Soup which features Chinese spinach, egg, and shrimp.
  • Dim Sum: Top sellers include the Assorted Dimsum Platter (PHP 305), Hakaw Shrimp (PHP 135), and Japanese Siomai (PHP 130).
  • Rice Toppings: Favorites include Beef Brisket Rice and Sweet and Sour Pork Rice which are good solo dining options.
  • Other Entrees: Signature dishes like Honey Glazed Chicken (PHP 395), Fried Breaded Chicken w/ Salted Egg (PHP 350), and Chicken Curry (PHP 350) are also offered.


  • Prices range from PHP 130 for individual dim sum items to PHP 440 for main entrees like the Hot Chicken Salad.
  • David’s Tea House provides excellent value while using quality ingredients.

Special Menus

  • Seasonal holiday menus and festive promotions are introduced periodically.
  • New menu items are also added over time, keeping things fresh.

Does David’s tea house offer vegetarian options?

David’s Tea House does offer vegetarian options on its menu.

A customer specifically mentions “Good vegetarian options” at David’s Tea House.

David’s Tea House has “Vegetarian Restaurants in Makati”.

David’s Tea House offers “Vegetarian options” on their menu. So multiple independent sources confirm that David’s Tea House provides vegetarian menu choices for customers seeking meatless dishes. This caters to vegetarian diners and allows them to also enjoy David’s Tea House’s signature Chinese flavors and cooking.

davids tea house menu

Can I customize my order to make it vegetarian at David’s tea house?

it seems possible to customize your order to make it vegetarian at David’s Tea House

A customer review specifically mentions “Good vegetarian options” at David’s Tea House. This suggests that vegetarian customization is likely available.

Additionally, David’s Tea House “offers its visitors to try Chinese cuisine” and serves dishes like congee, prawns, and pork soup. The use of the word “offers” implies that customers can select from or customize the menu options.

So while the sources do not definitively state that orders can be customized to be vegetarian, the evidence of vegetarian menu options and the ability to select dishes suggests that diners could likely request vegetarian-only ingredients or modifications to make an order vegetarian-friendly.

It seems probable that customers could customize orders at David’s Tea House to create vegetarian meals if desired. Letting the server know of any vegetarian dietary needs could enable suitable accommodations.

davids tea house menu

Are there any vegan tea blends available at David’s tea house?

David’s Tea does offer vegan tea blends.

“Health & Ingredients” FAQs section, David’s Tea states: “And yes, we have a huge assortment of vegan teas! Shop our vegan teas here or look for the “V” logo on each tea’s product page.

“Additionally, in the description for Buddha’s Blend Tea “Vegan” and part of their “growing collection that uses vegan-friendly ingredients”.Therefore, multiple reputable sources from the official David’s Tea website confirm that they sell a variety of vegan tea blends. Customers can identify them by looking for the “V” vegan logo on the product pages. This caters to people following plant-based diets or seeking vegan-friendly tea options.

davids tea house menu

So in summary, David’s Tea House serves a diverse range of made-to-order Chinese fare at reasonable prices. Their menu features traditional favorites as well as innovative fusion dishes made with meticulous attention to detail.

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