What makes table tennis betting sites attractive to users?

If you decide how to spend your free time to make it unforgettable, paying attention to betting on sporting events is recommended. It is a great chance to show your abilities and personally verify your knowledge. You can test your luck on special gaming platforms. If you are fond of table tennis and do not miss any important game, you should familiarize yourself with table tennis betting sites, where you will find the most comfortable conditions. The rules are the same everywhere – you should first register, make a deposit, and go to the betting section.

1xBet is one of the most popular bookmakers. Many users decide to create a gaming account on the platform of this company. The operator of gambling entertainment offers the best conditions for a comfortable and profitable game. It is enough to go through the registration procedure and then go to the section you are interested in to find answers to your questions.

How to place bets on table tennis on betting sites?

Table tennis has gained popularity all over the world. Millions of people follow this sport, and the same number of people play it. It is a dynamic and fast-paced game. One of the most popular bookmakers, 1xBet, offers a comprehensive line on this sporting discipline, a deep list of bets, and a huge coverage of events. Those who like drive and new bright emotions should try live bets. You can always find a suitable confrontation and type of bet. If you consider an option for table tennis prediction among many betting sites, you should take a closer look at 1xBet. It offers the best conditions for bets that will bring profit.

You can find out the different types of bets available:

  1. On the outcome – a classic for this sport. Since there can not be a draw a priori, the bookmaker’s line offers to place bets on the victory of only the first or second participant in the competition. As a rule, bets on the outcome are displayed by numbers 1 and 2 or standard W1/W2.
  2. On handicaps – two unequal opponents often meet in the game. Betting on handicaps in this discipline is a common phenomenon. There are bets on games, on points scored, in a particular game. It is necessary to know how many sets the match is designed for betting on the handicap of the whole match.
  3. On totals – there is a general total of games or points scored in the match, bets on individual performance of players (points won), and the total of points in a particular game. Before betting, you must know the number of games or sets declared in a match or tournament.

There are additional types of predictions. They are usually related to the final results: the exact number of sets/parties played, the exact score by set, and even/odd sets played.

As you can see, table tennis is diverse and interesting. It is enough to decide which format you want to predict and then plunge into the world of gambling entertainment in full.

Recommendations for making predictions

Many people have tried playing table tennis at least once in their lives. Some are still learning how to hold a racket in their hands properly. However, there are not so many real gurus of this discipline who follow the tournaments, understand the sport’s subtleties, and predict how the match will end. However, you can see some trends if you delve deeper into the sport.

For example, it is easy to see that Asian athletes have been the leaders on the international stage in recent years. Many players from China are taking home cups at the most prestigious competitions. If you are not ready to make predictions for major competitions, you can focus on regional competitions in India. Use statistics, look at the rankings, and study the results of recent fights to make your predictions easier.

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