What Are the Types of Spinal Fractures? An Educational Guide.

A spinal fracture is a break in one of the vertebrae that make up our spine. It is a serious condition that demands timely attention by a spine specialist. Most fractures that do not improve with conventional tactics demand surgical intervention. Surgeries do require the use of special Spine Implants depending on the type and severity of the fracture. In this post, we will talk about different types of spinal fractures in detail.

What Are the Types of Spinal Fractures?

Here are some of the common types of spine fractures you need to know:

Compression Fractures

Also known as vertebral compression fractures (VCF), these are spine injuries in which there is a small break in the vertebrae. It is a painful condition that becomes worse with age and if timely treatment is ignored. In compression fractures, the vertebral body (rounded part) gets affected. The most common region of the spine that gets affected is the thoracic spine. Osteoporosis is found to be the commonest cause of these types of spinal fractures. Besides this, trauma may also cause VCF.

Burst Fracture

A burst fracture is a type of spinal fracture that occurs because of a high-energy traumatic injury. These fractures as the name suggests result in the severe breakdown of the vertebra along with damage to the spinal canal. These spinal injuries are then compression fractures. Neurological issues may accompany burst fractures. Ancillary pain and spinal discomfort may also be experienced by the patient because of burst fractures.

Chance Fractures

Chance fractures are also known as seat belt fractures. These are the types of spinal injuries that occur during car accidents. Chance fractures commonly occur by lap belt-style seat belts. If we talk about these fractures scientifically, then they occur because of flexion-distraction forces on the spine, and sometimes, they are also called flexion-distraction fractures.

Transverse Process Fractures (TPF)

Bony projection on both sides of the vertebrae is called the transverse process. Traumatic injuries often cause fractures in this area of the spine. Besides that, osteoporosis is another cause of transverse process fractures as the condition weakens your bones silently. These spine injuries can occur anywhere along the spine, however, the lumbar spine is more prone to developing the condition.

Vertebral Wedge Fractures

Vertebral wedge fractures are a type of vertebral compression fracture where the broken vertebra appears like a wedge. The thoracic spine is the region where these fractures are commonly noticed. Studies have found that most cases of vertebral wedge fractures are stable, and they do not involve any neurologic complications. A spine specialist must immediately address wedge fractures and take timely necessary decisions to avoid severe complications. The treatment of these fractures depends on the extent of the loss of vertebral height.

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