Tips for wearing abstract patterns

Designs with abstract patterns are like no other. They are unfamiliar patterns that we, as humans, may not understand. It uses irregular shapes, lines, colors, and designs. These designs attract the attention of many, causing them to stop and think of their meaning or the message the designer is trying to pass across. Every form of art infuses abstract patterns into their designs in several ways. Forms of art like textiles, fashion, visual arts, and interior design, all have different ways they infuse abstract patterns into their designs. This article will explore everything about abstract pieces, how to wear them, the best way to pair them, and how to add them to your personal style.

Brief history of Abstract Patterns

Since the 20th century, abstract patterns have been fashionable. Abstract forms were first experimented with by artists like Wassily Kandinsky, who quickly encouraged other artists and the fashion industry to do the same.

Art deco began using geometric shapes and abstract patterns in the early 1990s.

This significantly encouraged the art and fashion industries to experiment with additional abstract forms. Since then, there have been numerous changes made to abstract patterns and motifs.There are a ton of modern abstract patterns with detailed designs and digital characteristics.

Tips for wearing abstract patterns 

Infusing abstract pieces of clothing into your personal style is a fun way of creatively upgrading your style and trying out new patterns. Listed below are ways you can rock different kinds of abstract patterns.

  • Pick Just One Abstract Clothing Item: One way of adding abstract pieces to your look is by wearing just one piece of abstract clothing and keeping the rest of your outfit neutral. This will keep all attention on just that piece and make you look well put together and stylish.
  • Choose a Piece in A Solid Tone: Combine your abstractly patterned outfit with another item that is in a similar hue. This will create a good sense of harmony in your outfit.
  • Add Complementary Colors: Do you want to look more stylish in that abstract look? Then you can pair it with a piece in comparable hues. This will give you a more coordinated look with no color collisions.
  • Pair Simple Accessories with Abstract Outfits: Abstract outfits can be quite overwhelming because of how much attention they attract. So, while accessorizing, keep your accessories simple so as not to compete with the main outfit.
  • Keep it simple: When wearing an outfit with a stunning abstract design, it’s crucial to keep the remainder of your outfit straightforward and understated. It is advisable to avoid tampering with minor abstract patterns and let the main ones stand on their own.
  • Color Coordination: If you are wearing clothes with abstract designs in several hues, accessorize with an item that matches the major shade.

Clothing pieces with Abstract Patterns

Abstract designs can be seen in different types of clothes that are worn daily: A few of these outfits are:

  • Dresses With Abstract Patterns and Design: whether you prefer fitted dresses that show off your silhouette, or flowing sun dresses that represent a more playful vibe, They can all feature abstract patterns and designs. The designs range from very subtle to complicated, but there is always a design for you.
  • Bottoms Embellished with Abstract Illustrations: You can add bottoms with abstract illustrations to our wardrobe for a more modern look. Bottoms like skirts with erratic designs and paint-splattered denim will add a fun look to any ensemble.
  • Accessories like Shawls and scarves: Your entire outfit can be made to look more stylish and sophisticated by adding scarves and shawls with irregular designs to your overall look.
  • Footwear with Abstract Designs: Complete your look with abstractly designed footwear like a multicolored high heel, sneakers with abstract shapes overlaying the body, or shoes with unique prints. Whichever you choose will look good and make you look more appealing.
  • On coats, jackets, and other clothing, abstract patterns are used. Wearing it enables you to express yourself while staying warm and comfortable.

Choosing Items to Go with Abstract Patterns

Pairing your abstract outfits with other clothing pieces can be quite tricky, as you may struggle to find what fits. However, You need not worry, as below is a list of accessories that pair well with abstract pieces.

  • How to Accessorize a Dress with Abstract Patterns: When accessorizing a dress with vibrant abstract patterns, choose neutral-colored items so the dress may take center stage. If the dress contains vibrant colors, you can accessorize with items that contrast them.
  • Abstract-patterned skirts or pants: You can wear an abstract-patterned bottom, such as paint-splattered jeans or asymmetrically colored shapes, with a top in a strong color that doesn’t have any patterns
  • Tops with Abstract Patterns: this appearance can be completed by wearing jeans or a skirt that align with the top’s solid hue when wearing a top with an abstract pattern.
  • Accessories with Abstract Patterns: It is advisable to use accessories with abstract patterns with neutral-colored apparel. This enables the accessory to stand out and maintain its focal point status.

Simply keeping it simple, leaving other pieces neutral, and color-coordinating your clothes for a balanced aesthetic are the keys to complementing products with abstract designs.


Abstract designs constantly evolve and adjust to the latest fashion trends. They demonstrate the fusion of art, culture, and fashion and are a reflection of our always-evolving creative minds.

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