Tips for renting a Jeep on a budget

Travelers focusing on driving comfort, interior space, and off-road capability often rent Jeeps for their road trips. And this is the right approach. Such vehicles have a wide degree of applicability and are suitable for multiple tasks. Whether it’s a family day out in a national park, towing a camper trailer, or driving back roads, you’ll feel convenience and confidence with every mile you drive. 

However, increased demand for cars in this class is pushing costs up, making affordable Jeep rentals nearly impossible. Tourists face sky-high rates and simply can’t afford to enjoy driving a powerful and enduring vehicle. 

The good news is that online car rental makes it easy to get out of the money-wasting situation. Multiple companies guarantee the best car rental prices when booked in advance. What’s more, we know an extensive number of other tips for budget Jeep rentals. Check them all out and guarantee a cost-effective deal for your upcoming journey!

Plan your trip properly

It’s easy to underestimate the impact of the day of the week and time of the year on the price tag. However, both factors can change the rate by 30-60%. Depending on the specific location, you may pay more/less for the same deal if you start your trip on a weekday/weekend. 

Also, the seasonal factor matters. You get the highest prices during high-demand periods vise versa. For example, the peak season in Miami lasts from November to March, and in Denver – from July to August. During those months, Jeep prices are at their highest. 

Reserve as early as you can

The main principle of saving money on Jeep rentals is to book ahead of time. Companies’ pricing policies work in such a way as to encourage you to book early for lower rates. As a result, you can take advantage of this by cutting the price by 10-30%. 

The optimal time to look for cars is from 1 week to a couple of months before the intended trip. In addition, you additionally enjoy a wider choice of models in this case. The main rule is “the more popular the location, the earlier you should book for the best rates”.

Don’t get attached to a single location

Statistics show that airport-based locations are pricier than downtown pick-up spots. Although renting from the terminal is more convenient, consider alternative off-site stations where the cost is usually lower. Therefore, try to monitor the cost in nearby collection points, and calculate the possible options, taking into account the transport costs for getting to/from the desired location. 

Decide on the model you need

Jeeps vary in models and sizes. The cheapest are the compact and subcompact models – Renegade, Patriot, Compass, and Cherokee. In opposition, the Grand Cherokee and all variations of the Wrangler are midsize SUVs that are more expensive. Think about the appropriate size, considering the desired passenger and luggage capacity, as well as special technical characteristics. Such actions will allow you to make an informed choice and not overpay.

Consider long-term options

Longer rentals are more profitable for companies. They reduce the number of users passing through the same car in a certain amount of time, which results in lower cleaning and maintenance fees for the agency. Therefore, providers encourage users to rent for a longer period at a lower daily price. 

Yes, if your trip lasts at least 7 days, you will enjoy 10-20% cheaper rates. So, book at least for a week to enjoy discounted deals if the extension of the trip fits into your travel plans.

Compare similar offers from different companies

As a rule, international suppliers such as Avis, Hertz, Budget, or National can provide the same Jeep model with the same options at a higher price than the local agency. However, the local agency may have limited mileage or simpler coverage. So, you must prioritize and make the final decision by comparing suppliers on the most important criteria. 

Avoid costly options and products if possible

Not only the price is important but also what it includes. For example, a more expensive deal may come with extra options by default and you won’t need to buy them separately. On the other hand, what if a certain option (child seat, GPS navigator, or Wi-Fi access) is enabled but you don’t actually need it? That’s right – give it up to lower the total rate. 

Also, underage and one-way rentals can add $5 to $35 per day to your bill. These options are handy and sometimes we can’t do without them. Still, if possible, skip them to save a lot!

Look for discounts and promotions

If you search hard, you can find discounted Jeep rental options at 10-25% lower than the standard rate. Also, some deals include free extras such as a second driver or unlimited miles. Thus, you can save money by not buying but getting them by default.

Renting a Jeep is a perfect solution for your trip, especially since you can quickly book it through the Rental24h app. Its spacious interior, high ground clearance, large wheels, and powerful engine make you feel like the king of the road. So, plan your upcoming journey and rent a Jeep at a nice price using our actionable tips!

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