Things You Should Know About Parking at Sky Harbor Airport

There’s a lot of complicated details involved in flying, including where to park. That’s why we created this easy, handy guide for things to know about parking at Sky Harbor Airport. Don’t forget that if parking on-site is too expensive, you can always check out the cheaper rates of third-party lots, like the ones available for reservation through On Air Parking!

On-Site Parking Rates

West Economy Garage

The West Economy Garage at PHX is $4 for the first hour, with each additional 30 minutes costing $2. They have a daily maximum of $16.

West Economy Park and Walk (seasonal)

The West Economy Park and Walk (seasonal parking) is $4 for the first hour, $2 for each additional thirty minutes, and has a daily max of $9.

Terminal 3 & 4 Garage

The Terminal 3 Garage has a rate of $4 for the first hour, $2 for each additional thirty minutes, with a daily maximum rate of $30. Terminal 4 has the exact same pricing.

East Economy Garages A & B

The East Economy Garages, A and B, have a rate of $4 for the first hour, $2 for each additional 30 minutes, and have a daily maximum rate of $16.

East Economy Lot (Uncovered)

The uncovered East Economy Lot has a $4 for the first hour charge, with each additional 30 minutes being $2, and a daily maximum rate of $14.

24th Street Station

The 25th Street Station parking charges $4 for the first hour, $2 for each additional thirty minutes, and has a daily maximum rate of $14.

Valet Parking (Terminals 3 and 4 Garages)

Valet Parking is $12 for the first hour with a daily maximum rate of $39.

Premium Parking (Terminals 3 and 4 Garages)

Premium Parking (Terminals 3 and 4 Garages) charges $4 for the first hour and has a daily maximum rate of $33.

General Information

They do have three free cell phone waiting lots, with 24 hour service, at PHX, with flight arrivals being indicated in real-time. They do state that drivers must stay in their vehicles at all times, and the waiting time should be 30 minutes or less.

So what’s the deal with Premium Parking at PHX? You can reserve it online for the best rates, and choose a spot next to one of the elevators for direct access to ticketing and your gate. You can save time by avoiding the endless driving in circles searching for a spot, and they’re available in two terminal garages. They do strongly recommend reserving Premium Parking online.

You can also book Valet Parking, which includes flight tracking via Sky Valet so your car is available and ready to use once you get off your flight. You can also add Car Care to any parking, which is a waterless auto spa that provides paint-safe, eco-friendly detailing while you’re away!

While you’re waiting at the airport, you can also partake in the Phoenix Airport Museum, which boasts it’s one of the largest airport art programs in the United States. You can also look around at the aviation history collection, and listen to some live music via their traveling tunes! Food at PHX varies wildly, but includes options like Ajo Al’s, Dilly’s Deli, Humble Pie, and Scramble.

You can also poke around at the variety of shops, which include Bunky Boutique, Earth Spirit, Mosaic, and Sonora Southwest Living.

On Air Parking Rates

Those rates are a doozy! Especially if you’re parking long term, they can eat up a travel budget quickly. Please note that PHX does offer corporate parking with their Corporate Parking Program, letting businesses who want to save on travel expenses seize the day with free parking and other benefits! Luckily, On Air Parking offers parking at PHX for as low as $3.25 a day, letting you choose from two different five-star rated facilities to park in!

Both are only 2.1 miles away from the airport itself, and offer complimentary, 24/7 shuttles which are roughly a 6 minute ride to the airport. You can reserve your parking online, and it includes free cancellation up to the start date of your reservation, so unexpected changes in travel plans don’t cost you an arm and a leg in cancellation fees. Reviews for the third-party lots are available online, so you can see how other travelers felt about their experience. You can also download their Apple and Android compatible app for a painless reservation experience!

If you have questions regarding On Air Parking, you can reach out to their customer service team Monday through Friday, 10am to 7pm ET. You can reach them by calling 888-487-2754, or by texting 424-532-8940. You can also reach out via email at [email protected]. On Air Parking is proud to offer the cheapest airport parking in Sky Harbor and across the United States, making travel more financially accessible for people everywhere.

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