The 10 Best Philippine Startups in the Blockchain and Crypto Space in 2023

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There is a lot that has been going on in the blockchain and crypto space over the last few years. When the crypto industry crashed, many thought that would be its end, but blockchain and crypto have proved to be resilient assets. 

As such, even now, many entrepreneurs are working hard to find ways of being a part of this growing industry. From financial institutions to gambling platforms where players can get bonus points in crypto, everyone wants a piece of the pie.

The result has been a huge increase in the number of blockchain and crypto startups trying to gain a foothold in the industry. In the Philippines, the country’s friendly crypto regulations make it a favored destination for many crypto enthusiasts and tech companies that develop special gambling bots.

However, of the many crypto startups that are introduced each year, very few have something unique to offer that makes them stand out in the crowd. The following, in no particular order, is a list of 10 noteworthy crypto and blockchain startups from the Philippines:

In 2014, was founded in the Philippines as a financial services platform. However, through the use of various blockchain technologies, the platform has grown into a lot more than that. On, users can make P2P wallet transfers, get digital currencies, buy game credits, pay their bills, and conduct online shopping.

This versatile startup is fully licensed, legal, and officially recognized by the Central Bank of the Philippines (BSP). Businesses and individuals looking for a convenient and efficient payment solution for their transactional needs will appreciate what has to offer.


With its head office in the Philippines, MergeCommit is a DLT company taking the crypto and blockchain space by storm. It has developed Andromeda, which is a decentralized crypto exchange platform that offers traders all the freedom and tools they need.

The startup has very loft ambitions, such as becoming the biggest DLT-based company in Southeast Asia. Considering what the company has achieved so far, and the massive support crypto startups are getting from the Philippines government, such goals are a genuine possibility. 


By uniting DLT and traditional compliance tools, BloomSolutions is a Manila-based crypto startup that allows users to easily transform the remittance business. The company aims to provide instant deposits and significant cost reduction in such financial services.

With an office in Singapore, BloomSolutions allows the instant transfer of funds between Vietnam and the Philippines. As of March 2018, the company claims to have overseen transactions worth over $125 million, which is huge for a blockchain remittance startup in such a competitive industry. 


Before BlockchainSpace, there was no Philippines coworking space based on DLT in the country. The creators of BlockchainSpace realized the opportunity they had and launched their startup in Makati City. 

The main objective of the company is to bring together different fintech companies based in Southeast Asia and to do this, BlockchainSpace has opened spaces in Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, and Bangkok. Users get the chance to participate in various workshops, as well as get informed about the latest news in the crypto industry. 


The ability of a business to grow its influence depends on its customer relations. This is something that Appsolutely aims to help businesses to improve on. The company focuses on the creation of apps, websites, and reward programs as part of a company’s digital marketing strategies

Appsolutley’s main product is LoyalCoin, which allows its clients to exchange loyalty rewards. This strategy is meant to inspire customer loyalty and promote effective engagement. 


The entertainment industry is huge in the Philippines, and AVXchange aims to be a part of it by allowing the easy exchange of video and audio files across the internet. By using the latest blockchain technologies, this startup company wants to be the future of the online entertainment distribution industry in the Philippines. 

Its unique approach to entertainment distribution means that AVXchange can tap into a niche market that incorporates both cryptocurrency and e-commerce. 

Twala Inc.

Digital security is the main focus behind the creation of Twala Inc. When clients use Twala Inc., every document becomes legally binding, secured on a blockchain, temper-proof, and easily verifiable. This is the technology that smart contracts thrive on, and Twala Inc. aims to make it accessible to anyone who needs it. 

If two parties want to conduct a transition, such as real estate sales, but do not want to hire a legal team or pay attorney fees, Twala Inc. makes that a possibility.


Some of the biggest issues with online transactions are security, user identification, and authentication. These are the areas through which hackers can do a lot of damage. FilPass uses tamperproof blockchain technology to create a seamless and reliable system that allows businesses and individuals to provide easy solutions to these problems. 

Rebirth Meta Guild

The rise of online gaming has not gone unnoticed by entrepreneurs in the Philippines. A good example of a startup that aims to take advantage of this wave of gaming fever is Rebirth Meta Guild. It is a community-based gaming platform that focuses on the use of NFTs which are used in blockchain-based online games and virtual economies.

It provides unique services to online gamers who are interested in the crypto and blockchain industries. Using a detailed qualification and analysis process, Rebirth Meta Guild allows gamers to choose either P&E games or P2P games based on their needs.

Effort Economy

There is so much that can be done on blockchains that users sometimes find it difficult to control their time management and effort. Effort Economy brings together a wide range of applications that will allow users to take part in decentralized financial activities, games, Esports, or education without feeling overwhelmed by the industry. 

Final Thought

With billions of dollars being diverted toward crypto investments, it is clear that the world is ready to accept blockchain as part of its financial landscape. As such, many startups have been formed in the Philippines, and across the rest of the world, to take advantage of the many opportunities this industry has to offer.

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