Silog Menu

A Filipino silog is a breakfast dish made with:

  • Sinangag (garlic fried rice using leftovers)
  • Itlog (egg cooked anyway, usually sunny-side up or scrambled)
  • A protein (e.g. cured/fried meat) to round out the meal

The name of the protein determines the name of the silog meal (e.g. tapsilog, longsilog).

New Silog Meal Combinations to Try

Some ideas for new silog combinations:

  • Adosilog – Adobo, fried rice, egg
  • Bacsilog/Baconsilog – Bacon, fried rice, egg
  • Bisteksilog – Beef steak, fried rice, egg
  • Daingsilog – Dried fish, fried rice, egg

You can also try different types of fried rice or prepare the egg in different ways (poached, etc.).

silog menu

History of Silog Meals

Silog meals originated in the Philippines and were likely popularized by the first Tapsi ni Vivian restaurant in Marikina. They have since become a staple Filipino breakfast dish.

In 1986, she opened a canteen (humble restaurant) in Quezon City that catered to the working class. Called “Tapsi ni Vivian at Bulaluhan”, she offered bulalo (beef marrow soup) and a garlic rice dish with beef tapa and fried eggs. She called this garlic rice dish “tapsilog” and the rest is history.

Most Popular Types of Silogs

The most popular traditional slogs are:

  1. Tapsilog – Beef tapa (pan-fried cured beef), garlic rice, fried egg. The original and most popular silog.
  2. Longsilog – Longganisa (Filipino sausage), garlic rice, fried egg
  3. Hamsilog – Ham, garlic rice, fried egg

Tapsilog – Beef tapa (pan-fried cured beef), garlic rice, fried egg. As described in the search results, tapsilog is the “OG” and most popular type of silog in the Philippines.

silog menu

Longsilog – Longganisa (Filipino sausage), garlic rice, fried egg. Longsilog is another very common and well-known type of silog.

Tocilog/Tosilog – Tocino (sweet cured pork), garlic rice, fried egg. The sweet-savory flavor combination makes sociology another favored silog variety.

4. Bangsilog

Bangus (milkfish) is the national fish of the Philippines so it’s no surprise to find it on a plate of silog. If the big three slogs were to become a quartet, then Bangsilog would be the fourth.

Bangsilog is made with marinated milkfish that’s been butterflied and fried. If you see Bangsilog on a restaurant’s menu, ask if the bangus is boneless. Bangus that haven’t been deboned can be a pain to eat.

5. Danggitsilog

Dangsilog is another of my favorite types of silog. It’s similar to bangsilog except it’s made with a different type of fish called danggit (rabbitfish). Danggit is much smaller and less meaty than bangus so it becomes supremely crispy when fried.

6. Hotsilog

Like Spamsilog, it’s pretty obvious what Hotsilog is made with. It’s made with commercially produced Filipino hot dogs that have been tinged bright red with food coloring.

I don’t know how or when the practice started, but I believe these hot dogs are tinged red to make them more appealing to children. Like sweet Filipino spaghetti, they’re a staple at children’s parties in the Philippines.

Hotsilog is one of the few silogs on this list that may pair better with banana ketchup than vinegar. As its name suggests, it’s a sweeter type of Filipino ketchup made with bananas.

Other Key Points

Silogs are served for breakfast but can also be served for brunch, lunch, or dinner

Almost any dish can be made into a solid meal

Silogs have become popular menu items at Filipino restaurants and fast-food chains

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