Should I Use Humidity Packs When Curing Cannabis?

Cannabis enthusiasts and growers often find themselves at a crossroads: how do I ensure that my bud is the best it can be? One debated topic is the use of humidity packs during the curing process. Dive with us as we unravel the mysteries of these packs.

The importance of proper curing

Curing: ever heard of it? Well, if you’re into cannabis, you definitely should have!

What is curing?

At its core, curing is the post-harvest process where cannabis buds are dried slowly to maintain their potency, flavor, and overall quality.

Why is curing crucial?

Think of curing like aging wine. Just as the finest wines are aged to perfection, curing cannabis allows the buds to achieve optimal potency, flavor, and smoothness. Improper curing? That could lead to harsher smoke and reduced quality.

Traditional Curing Vs. Using Humidity Packs

The traditional method: pros and cons

Traditionally, cannabis is cured by hanging it upside down in a controlled environment. This method gives growers complete control. However, it requires meticulous attention. Too dry? Buds become brittle. Too humid? Hello, mold.

The humidity pack method: pros and cons

Enter humidity packs, the game changers. These are salt-based solutions that regulate relative humidity in containers. They reduce the room for error, but some purists believe they don’t replace traditional methods.

Benefits of Using Humidity Packs

Maintaining the perfect RH

You know Goldilocks’ “just right”? That’s what humidity packs aim for in terms of Relative Humidity (RH). They’re designed to keep buds at the ideal 55%-62% RH.

Prevention of mold and mildew

Too much moisture is a bud’s enemy, leading to mold. Humidity packs regulate moisture, drastically reducing mold risks.

Prolonged terpene and cannabinoid preservation

Imagine sipping a coffee that’s lost its aroma. Bland, right? Similarly, cannabis without terpenes loses its unique flavor. Humidity packs help preserve these crucial compounds.

Potential Downsides

Over-hydration concerns

Some users worry about over-hydrating their buds, making them damp. It’s a valid concern, but most quality packs have two-way humidity control, preventing this issue.


Quality comes at a price. While they offer convenience, humidity packs aren’t the cheapest option out there.

Humidity Packs for Cannabis: A Deep Dive

Wondering which pack to buy or how they even work? Dive deeper with this guide.

How do they work?

It’s science, really! These packs use salt-based solutions that absorb or release moisture, maintaining a stable RH.

Top brands to consider

While there are numerous brands, Boveda stands out as a top choice for many cannabis aficionados.


To humidity pack or not? It’s a personal choice. They offer convenience and consistency, but traditionalists might stick to the old-school methods. Either way, proper curing is key. So, whether you’re a purist or a modernist, ensure you give your buds the love they deserve.

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