Must-Visit Casino Museums All Around The World

When it comes to traveling and visiting a new place, various people will consider different activities depending on their preferences. But one thing you might not be considering, and wrongly so, is casino museums. You might wonder how fun a casino museum actually is – the answer is a lot.

Especially if you’re an avid casino player or even just a history buff looking to learn more about our past when it comes to such games. Filled with knowledge, these casinos are not only educational but also entertaining. And who can say no to learning whilst having fun?

The French in French Roulette 

When it comes to gambling there are many countries that can pop into our head, namely the US, which has some pretty cool locales that we will discuss below. But we have to talk about France, how could we not with its extensive casino heritage?

In Paris, this is especially noticeable, especially considering it’s historically known to be the location where roulette was invented. Specifically, we have Blaise Pascal to thank for this creation. Of course, it was a primitive version of the game, but still.

Now, this historical game involves complex mechanics, even when it comes to the next part of the roulette evolution: innovative online roulette. After all, he should be appreciated as this game has had its grasp on players worldwide for centuries. And who can blame them between the colorful will, the bouncing ball that you can only guess where it will land. It’s simple, but so well done.

Truly, even online roulette manages to capture the full spectrum of the French gambling spirit. Oftentimes, on casino platforms, the croupier launches the roulette game by saying “faites vos jeux”, meaning “place your bets.” 

So, as France is hailed as the roulette capitol (“roulette” is a French word for “little wheel”) in the world, it’s impossible not to highlight this country for its gambling culture. But we digress. 

Let’s start with our first casino museum, the Monte Carlo Casino. While not technically a museum, or technically part of France but still very much French-speaking, you can buy an entrance ticket to absorb the historical building. While the visit does not always include playing the games, it is available depending on the type of ticket you purchase and the time of entrance.

This establishment is a monument to the grandeur of the casino world, which is also why there is a strict dress code even when simply visiting and not playing. It’s one of the most popular casinos and tourist sights in the world. So by visiting this 158-year-old building, you get to learn about the history of the games as they have an audio tour available.

Best of the Americas

Now, we all know how iconic Las Vegas is to the casino world. Most casino fans have this as a must-visit in their bucket list, for obvious reasons. 

Think about all the movies, TV shows, and even books that feature this illustrious city. Just walking about the strip will make you feel like you’re in a museum dedicated to the casino world.

But let’s actually discuss one of the, if not the, best museums dedicated to casinos – the Neon Museum Las Vegas. Featuring signs from old casinos that are not only artistically but also historically important. 

After all, you can tell a lot about a casino just by the sign. From flashy casino decor that will definitely feature eclectic decor, to a classic sign for a more upscale casino. 

The Allied Arts Council of Southern Nevada spent almost 10 years collecting various signs, and while this casino was established in 1996, it was only made public in 2012. Located in the heart of Las Vegas, one of their most fascinating exhibits has to be the North Gallery section, an art installation with multiple projectors to revive disused signs painted with vintage music. 

Next up we have the Pinball Hall of Fame, also located in Las Vegas and operating since 2009. While it’s not a very often considered casino game, it actually is quite similar to slots and perhaps even roulette. It’s also a game of chance, but instead of spinning or rolling, you watch a propelled ball bouncing off of various obstacles.

The modern version of this game was created in 1930, and the Pinball Hall of Fame features countless machines from all eras, including some pretty rare ones. Overall, it actually has approximately 700 different games. So there’s plenty to feast your eyes upon.


When it comes to the world of casinos, while the games themselves are very entertaining, the history behind them all is just as important. And if you want to learn more about the cultural and historical influence of casinos, where else can you go but to a casino-themed museum? 

Or if you want to check out a new museum type outside of the more popular ones, and if you’re a casino fan who is looking for a fun new place to visit, where you can learn about your favorite activity, make sure to add one of the above to your list. You won’t be disappointed as you get to be educated on your favorite games.

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