List Tourist Attractions in Luxor Egypt

A complete map of all the landmarks, distinctive tourist attractions, activities and museums in the city of Luxor and Aswan, starting from the Karnak Temple to the Nubian temples in southern Egypt and can visit all these attractions by luxury Full Day Tour to Luxor from Soma bay bus or minivan.

Pharaonic Tourist attractions in Luxor:

  1. Temple of Al-Toud
  2. Mortuary temple of Mentuhotep II
  3. Karnak Temple
  4. Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut
  5. Deir El Bahari
  6. The Funerary Temple of King Thutmose III
  7. Palace of Malkata
  8. Mortuary Temple of Amenhotep III
  9. Luxor Temple
  10. Avenue of Sphinxes
  11. The Colossi of Memnon
  12. Temple of Seti I
  13. The Temple of Ramesseum
  14. Funerary temple of Merenptah
  15. Medinet Habu
  16. El-Tarif Tombs
  17. The Royal Cache of Deir el-Bahri
  18. The Temple of Esna
  19. Temple of Al-Shalweit.

Valley of the Kings

  1. Tomb of King Ramses VII | KV1
  2. Tomb of King Ramesses IV | KV2
  3. Tomb of King Ramesses XI | KV4
  4. Tomb of King Ramesses IX | KV6
  5. Tomb of King Ramesses II | KV7
  6. The Tomb of Merenptah | KV8
  7. Tomb of King Ramses V + King Ramesses VI | KV9
  8. Tomb of King Amenmesse | KV10
  9. Tomb of King Ramesses III | KV11
  10. Tomb of Bay | KV13 “Tomb of Amun Harkhepshef, son of Ramesses IX, and Prince Mentuharkhepshef, son of Ramesses VI”.
  11. Tomb of Tausert + King Setnakhte | KV14
  12. Tomb of King Seti II | KV15
  13. Tomb of King Ramesses I | KV16
  14. Tomb of King Sethi I | KV17
  15. Tomb of King Ramesses X | KV18
  16. Tomb of Prince Mentuharepshef and King Ramesses VIII | KV19
  17. Tomb of King Thutmose I + Queen Hatshepsut | KV20
  18. The Tomb of Amenhotep III | KV22 / WV22
  19. The Tomb of King Ayi | KV23 / WV23
  20. Tomb of the family of King Tuthmosis III | KV31
  21. Queen Tia’a tomb | KV32
  22. Tomb of King Thutmose III | KV34
  23. Tomb of King Amenhotep II | KV35
  24. Tomb of Maiherpri | KV36
  25. Tomb of Amenhotep I | KV39
  26. Tomb of Queen Hatshepsut Meryet Ra | KV42
  27. Tomb of Thutmose IV + Prince Amenemhat, and Princess Tentamun | KV43
  28. Tomb of Userhet | KV45
  29. Tomb of Yuya and Thuya | KV46
  30. Tomb of Siptah | KV47
  31. Tomb of Amenemipet | KV48
  32. Tomb KV55
  33. Tomb of Horemheb | KV57
  34. Tomb of Queen Hatshepsut | KV60
  35. Tomb of Tutankhamun | KV62
  36. Tombs of the Kings Pharaohs.

Valley of the Queens

  1. Tomb of Nefertari
  2. Tomb of Queen Tyti
  3. Tomb of KhaaEm. Wasset
  4. Tomb of Amun-her-khepeshef
  5. Tombs of the Pharaohs Queens

Tombs of The Nobles in Luxor (Thebes)

  • Tombs of GournetMerii
  • Tombs of Draa Abu Al-Naja
  • Tombs of Al-Assassif
  • Tombs of Sheikh Abdel Gorna
  • The cemetery of El Muaalla
  • Tombs of El Khokha

Islamic Tourist attractions in Luxor 

Coptic Tourist attractions in Luxor

Museums in Luxor 

Luxor Museum

Mummification Museum

Places to Visit in Luxor

Howard Carter House

Banana Island

Dandra temple 

Ancient luxorTourist Attractions best Pharaonic Egypt Tourist Place

About 60 k.m north of luxor, locates one of the most preserved temples in Egypt Dandra temple

It is considered the only one that has an original ceiling and buildings very well preserved even it has stairs and roof, may be because it is not as old as the temples of luxor, it is just. 2000 years old ….!!!!

It was dedicated to goddess Hathor, the one of love, happiness and music 

She was represented as a cow or a woman with 2 ears of a cow, her huge columns which has her face are massive well known by hathoric columns.

The temple was rebuilt by the Greek period between 250 -30 b.c on the remains of an older temple was there related to Ramses the 3rd about 1000 b.c 

No better-preserved ceiling in Egypt than this one, so some amazing details for the god ra and his solar boats, his eye looking at earth from the sky, the other gods around it in so organized scene.

Next by that, you see the long-stretched body of nut, goddess of the sky who swallows the sun disc by evening to give birth for it in the morning 

The temple is well known by the scenes of the zodiac which decorate his ceiling in lower and upper floors 

Osiris, god of death has there 2 rooms showing his tragedy story with his bad brother seth god of evil, after been killed by him twice, while his wife goddess ISIS was trying to get him life back again from God ra, then she together with her sister Nephtes goddess of magic share in his mummification 

Queen Cleopatra the 7th the most famous one who was the last one of the Greek rulers for Egypt has a beautiful scene on the back wall of the temple which is very unique 

The temple got two stairs in different designs.

Dandra temple best Pharaonic Egypt Tourist Place:

One has a square shape while the other is designed in straight structure and both in a very good condition and are used till now to get up and down 

Some Nile cruises sail in one day tour to dandra to get couple of hours there, and most of tourists who stay in luxor for few days, they get a driving tour to this temple in one day of their staying time in luxor 

You too my dear still can has this pleasure of seeing this temple when you are in luxor thebes the ancient Egyptians capital 

From DECEMBER 01, 2023, Prices For Entrance Tickets To Egyptian Attractions For Foreigners In Pounds Will Increase

 CAIRO / price by Egyptian pound

 1. Pyramids of Giza= 540

 2. Entrance to the Pyramid of Cheops= 900

 3. Saqqara =450

 4. Entrance to the Step Pyramid =220

 5. Mystical Serapium =270

 6. Egyptian Museum in Tahrir =450

 7.Museum of Civilization =500

 8. Moez Street =180

 9. Dahshur (Broken and Red Pyramids) =250

 10. Citadel =450

 11. Tomb of Princess Meren-Ankh =120

 LUXOR/ price by Egyptian pound

 1. Valley of the Kings =600

 2. Karnak Temple =450

 3. Luxor Temple =400

 4. Valley of the Queens= 180

 5. Tomb of Nefertari =2000

 6. Tomb of Seti 1 = 1800

 7. Hatshepsut= 360

 8. Madinet Habu= 200

 9. Tomb of Tutankhamun in the Valley of the Kings= 500

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