Inspirations On Medium Hairstyles For Women

Medium locks range from armpit to shoulder length, stopping above the elbows. Medium cuts remove long hair’s bulk while maintaining femininity. The diversity of medium hairstyles complements oval, square, round, heart, and diamond face shapes beautifully.

Medium-length hair offers women versatile styling options from shoulder to collarbone length. Mid-length cuts allow freedom to wear hair straight, curly, up or down. Read on for flattering medium hairstyles to try this season.

  1. Shoulder Length Cuts

Shoulder length cuts trim hair just grazing the shoulders. This versatile length works well with straight, wavy, or curly textures. Shoulder length cuts allow leaving hair down or styling short updos.

The weight removal helps curls and waves bounce while keeping hair manageable. Air drying enhances medium texture. Shoulder-length cuts work across age groups, keeping mature women’s hair full and youthful. Styling options are diverse.

  1. Collarbone Length Cuts

Collarbone length cuts trim hair just below the collarbone for drama without extremes. Soft ends hit above the bust, complementing oval and heart face shapes.

Medium collarbone length adds volume and flow for fine or thinning hair types. Long layers prevent bulky heaviness. Air drying produces pretty natural texture and movement.

This chic length allows versatility from sleek and straight to tousled waves to flirty flips. Half updos also work well. Collarbone length cuts flatter at various ages.
  1. A-Line Bobs

For women seeking a modern pixie-like silhouette, A-line bobs are a hot medium hairstyle. These cuts angle longer in front and taper shorter in the back.

A-line bobs flatter round face shapes by slimming full cheeks. Texture at the ends prevents solid lines. Side-swept bangs soften the forehead.

This versatile chin-to-shoulder length cut works straight or wavy. Use balms for sleek shine or sea salt sprays for beachy waves. The angled shape is universally flattering.

  1. Textured Lob Cuts

For natural texture with a sophisticated edge, textured lobs are ideal for medium hairstyles. Lobs trim hair to around armpit length for mobility.

Incorporating long layers and point cutting adds a piecey texture that encourages flow. Part off-center and style with tousled waves. Air dry or scrunch for a casual texture.

The textured lob’s unfinished vibe works for casual and professional occasions alike. This carefree medium length complements oval, heart, and diamond face shapes.

  1. Shaggy Mid-Length Cuts

Shaggy medium hairstyles use choppy layers to mimic the popular 70’s look. But modern shags feel softer with an undone vibe.

Medium-length shags remove bulk for a bounce. Shorter side-swept bangs play up eyes. Air drying boosts natural waves and texture.

This cut works with straight, wavy, or curly hair. Use salt sprays for deliberate texture. Shags project feminine free spirit appeal. Have fun playing with flirty styling.

  1. Medium Curly Haircuts

Women with naturally curly hair thrive with medium lengths. Mid-length cuts remove some density, allowing full curl formation. Long, curly hair can get weighed down.

Shoulder length shapes curls beautifully. Long layers encourage springy ringlets and glossy coils without frizz. Embrace natural texture and volume.

Use curl-defining creams and moisturizing products. Air dry medium curls for authentic beauty – no heat required. This cut celebrates a natural curly texture.
  1. Chin Length Bobs

For women craving drama in their medium-length hair, chin-length bobs are a go-to. These cuts end bluntly at the chin line for maximum versatility.

Chin bobs are shortened in the back to sit just at the nape. Piecy ends prevent blockiness. Part off-center and flip ends under for flair. This cut readily shapes waves.

The chin skimming length flatters oval and heart face shapes. A mod chin bob exudes cosmopolitan charm. Style it sleek or tousled.

  1. Shoulder Grazing Shags

Shag hairstyles trimmed to graze the shoulders create flirty movement with feminine edge. The shortened sides angle towards the chin, encasing the face flatteringly. Layers prevent flatness and add shape. Texture sprays boost piecey ends.

This medium shag length adds volume while framing the cheeks. Pull back hair on one side for asymmetry. Enjoy the versatility of shoulder shags.

  1. Mid-Length Layered Cuts

Shoulder-length layered cuts encourage natural volume and movement. Long layers blend for cohesive flow rather than choppiness. 

Layers remove weight and bulk, allowing texture and bounce. Air dry layered medium hair – natural texture shines. Part to one side for asymmetry.

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