How To Cook Beef Stew Meat In Air Fryer

Air fryer offers easy, quick cooking and it is an excellent or conventional appliance of our kitchen. We can cook beef stew meat in an air fryer quickly. It reduces or saves time and gives good texture or crispness results from the interior or exterior. It provides good results in flavors. All things are because of hot air, which air fryers use in cooking. It is the best option for cooking nowadays.


  • Beef Stew meat
  • Cooking Oil/Olive Oil
  • Onion
  • potatoes
  • Garlic
  • Beef Broth
  • Salt/Pepper
  • All-purpose Flour
  • Fresh parsley

Process of How To Cook Beef Stew Meat In Air Fryer

  • Firstly, Preheat the air fryer at a specific temperature preheating gives even cooking or gives even cooking or gives good texture.
  • Prepare or season the beef stew meat with salt and pepper or mix well. You can season it with other spices, also.
  • Now sear the beef stew meat on skillet for 2-3 minutes. Heat the cooking oil or olive oil or put meat and burn from both sides. It gives extra flavor.
  • Cut vegetables of your choice, like onions, potatoes, and carrots, into smaller pieces. You can add other vegetables, also minced garlic will be counted.
  • Add seared Beef meat in an air fryer basket or cut vegetables in it and mix well.
  • Prepare liquid in another bowl. Add Beef broth, tomato paste, salt, pepper, or any other sauce you choose. Mix them all together. Pour this liquid mixture into the air fryer basket.
  • Put the air fryer basket into the air fryer. Cook beef stew meat at a specific temperature. Cooking time depends on your model or brand of air fryer. Avoid overcooking. It may spoil the taste.
  • As cooking time is complete, check the doneness of beef meat and vegetables.
  • If you want thick stew, you can add all-purpose flour to it. Combine water and flour within a bowl, mix the slurry, or incorporate it into the stew.
  • Serve beef stew meat with fresh chopped garlic or garnish with parsley.

This is the process of how to cook beef stew meat in air fryer. Feel free to experiment with this procedure in your home for swift and effortless testing.

Essential Tips of How To Cook Beef Stew Meat In Air Fryer

  • Always choose the proper cut or apply properly to cut beef chuck, brisket, and Round. These cuts are used for better results. These cuts help break collagen or connective tissues of beef.
  • Always do seasoning before cooking. It gives extra taste texture or enhanced flavor. You can use any spices for seasoning purposes.
  • Preheating the air fryer is compulsory. It may be helpful in even cooking. Add crispiness also.
  • Sear beef meat is also helpful. It gives a juicy texture or is useful in further cooking.
  • You can add extra liquid to the stew for thickening. Mix all-purpose flour with water, stir, or add in a stew.
  • Your cooking time or technique must be appropriate. Cooking time depends on your air fryer model, and avoid overcooking.
  • Always check the doneness of meat and vegetables or give rest before serving.

These are some valuable tips on how to cook beef stew meat in air fryer that will prove highly beneficial for you.


Q1. cooking beef stew meat in the air fryer is good?

Yes, cooking beef stew meat in the air fryer is good. It is beneficial. It takes less time or cooks quickly.

Q2. Cuts of beef are compulsory?

Yes, tough cuts of beef are compulsory. Ideal cuts are Chuck, Round, or Brisket. These cuts break down the meat’s fibers and enhance flavor.

Q3. Seasoning or Marination is good for Beef meat?

Yes, Seasoning or Marination enhances flavors. You can use any spices of your choice for this purpose.

Q4. Is searing beef before air frying helpful?

Searing beef is helpful. Searing on skillet for 2-3 Minutes is enough. It gives extra texture or tenderness to the meat.

Q5. What temperature or cooking timing is used?

Specfic temprature for cooking is used. It may be around 375°F. Cooking time may vary. It depends on the brand model of your air fryer.

Q6. Can we add vegetables or extra liquid to a beef stew?

We can add different vegetables (pieces) into beef stew for better taste or add extra liquid to thicken the stew. We can cover vegetables for softening while cooking.

Q7. How do we check the doneness of beef meat?

We can use a knife or fork for this purpose. Cut a piece of beef with a fork or knife. If it cuts easily, it indicates the doneness of the meat.

Individuals who sincerely appreciate beef stew meat possess a profound understanding of every aspect and detail related to this delicacy. Their expertise extends to guiding others on how to cook beef stew meat in air fryer.

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