French Baker Bread Menu Philippines

The French Baker is a famous bakery in the Philippines that makes lots of yummy food. They bake all sorts of things like bread, cakes, pastries, sandwiches, salads, and even pizza! When you go there, you feel like you’re eating in a classic French restaurant.

French Baker Bread Menu

This article will show you what’s on the French Baker Bread Menu and how much things cost, so you’ll know what to get when you go next time.

Menu ItemPrice (₱)
100% Whole Grain Bread190
Almond Croissant125
Apple Crumble Danish120
Apple Turnover118
Asado Cluster270
Asado Roll70
Beef Turnover128
Belgian Chocolate Chip105
Belgian Waffle75
Blueberry Bagel (5s)295
Blueberry Danish120
Diet Wheat Loaf130
Classic Ciabatta115
Ciabatta Roll138
French Sourdough BreadNot Specified

French Baker Bread Menu: Top Items

The French Baker makes yummy bread, pastries, and other treats using good ingredients. Here’s a peek at what they offer!

The french baker bread menu includes items like baguettes (long French bread), croissants (flaky buttery pastries), Belgian waffles (thick, crispy waffles), and many more delicious treats!

  • Bread and Baguettes: At The French Baker bread menu, you can enjoy freshly baked bread like the classic Baguette for ₱115 and a healthier option, the 100% Whole Grain Bread for ₱190.
  • Croissants and Pastries: Try delicious croissants and pastries, such as the Almond Croissant priced at ₱125 or the fruity Apple Crumble Danish for ₱120. Try something different with the Apple Turnover available for ₱118.
French Baker Bread Menu
  • Savory Selections: If you prefer savory treats, go for the Asado Roll priced at ₱70 or the Beef Turnover for ₱128.
  • Sweet Treats: Satisfy your sweet cravings with a Belgian Chocolate Chip cookie for ₱105 or enjoy a Belgian Waffle for just ₱75.

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Packaged French baker Bread Menu for Pantries

The French Baker also offers a range of packaged breads, ideal for taking home:

  • Blueberry Bagel (5s): Perfect for breakfast or a snack, priced at ₱295.
  • Brioche Loaf: A soft and sweet bread at ₱175.
  • Sourdough Rye Loaf: For the health-conscious, available for ₱185.
French Baker Bread Menu

They make lots of tasty things that are fresh, good quality, and not too expensive. They work hard and have yummy stuff for their customers. Because of them, people in the Philippines now enjoy European-style baked goods a lot.

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Quality at The French Baker Bread Menu

The French Baker promises fresh, good quality, and not expensive food. It starts by Johnlu G. Koa and has become a favorite place for people who want to eat like they’re in a French restaurant. They make things like baguettes and croissants that people in the Philippines like.

The French Baker Locations in the Philippines

  1. Quezon City Location
    • Customers like the French Baker in Quezon City. It has a rating of 4.5 out of 5. People say good things about the food and service there. It’s a popular spot for tasty baked goods!
  2. Makati Location
    • The French Baker in Makati also gets positive reviews from customers. It has a rating of 3.8 out of 5. Even though it’s a bit lower than Quezon City, people still enjoy the food and experience there. If you’re in Makati and craving some delicious treats, it’s worth a visit!

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The French Baker is a great place to go if you want yummy, fresh, and not-too-expensive baked goods in the Philippines. They have lots of different things to choose from, and they always make sure everything is fresh and tasty. That’s why people love going to The French Baker—it’s like a special place for delicious treats in the Philippines!


What kinds of baked menu does The French Baker offer in the Philippines?

The French Baker in the Philippines offers a wide variety of freshly baked bread, pastries, cakes, pasta, sandwiches, salads, pizza, and a classic French dining experience.

What are the popular pastries and desserts available at The French Baker in the Philippines?

Popular pastries and desserts at The French Baker include Almond Croissant, Apple Crumble Danish, Blueberry Danish, Belgian Chocolate Chip, and Belgian Waffle, along with cakes like Ube Chiffon Cake, Mocha Chiffon Cake, and Sans Rival.

Does The French Baker menu offer vegetarian or vegan options in the Philippines?

Yes, The French Baker offers vegetarian and vegan options such as a vegan sandwich made with plant-based protein veggies, and a vegetarian siopao.

What are the prices of The French Baker menu packaged bread in the Philippines?

Prices of packaged bread at The French Baker vary. Some examples include Classic Ciabatta (₱115), Ciabatta Roll (₱138), and Diet Wheat Loaf (₱130)

How can I order from The French Baker Menu in the Philippines?

You can order online through their website for pickup or delivery, or visit one of their many locations to place an order in person.

Does The French Baker offer catering services in the Philippines?

Yes, The French Baker provides catering services for events of all sizes, with customizable menus and packages.

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