Different Ways You Can Enjoy Your Ice Cream

Different Ways You Can Enjoy Your Ice Cream

File this article under “I” for “Inspiration.” If you need some TLC or simply want to satisfy a sweet tooth, you’ve come to the right spot. This post explores a few of the many ways you can enjoy the world’s favourite cold treat: ice cream.

Whether you’re heading for a sit-down dessert in Toronto or ordering in some much-needed comfort in Chicago, consider these delicious spins on ice cream.

Simple, Elegant, Classic: The Standalone Scoop

There’s something to be said for unabashed simplicity. Call this the minimalist’s dessert – an unadorned scoop or two of high-quality ice cream. We stress “high quality” because, when it comes to standalone ice cream, there’s nothing to hide. Try to find ice cream made with real dairy and other whole ingredients. And avoid products masquerading as real ice cream (often called “frozen desserts”).

Partners in Cream: Waffles and Crepes

Ice cream loves a partner in crime – or partner in cream, if you will. And there are few better partners than crepes and waffles. The former is an elegant yet filling counterpart to ice cream, a perfect excuse to enjoy a bit of ice cream with brunch! Waffles, meanwhile, are a heartier addition to your ice cream dessert – the warm, caramelized edges providing the perfect counterpoint to the cold, silky ice cream.

The Treasure Hunter’s Choice: Parfaits and Sundaes

For the dessert lover who enjoys surprises, consider parfaits and sundaes. The best parfaits and sundaes are like treasure hunts. You dig your spoon through the layers like an archaeologist excavating strata, finding new gems and delights each time. Unfortunately, parfaits and sundaes don’t often travel well, so you may want to make this one a dine-in treat.

Cutlery Need Not Apply: The Mighty Ice Cream Sandwich

Forget the spoon. Ditch the fork and knife. All you need to enjoy your ice cream are your two God-given utensils – your hands. That’s the premise behind the ever-popular ice cream sandwich, a scoop of ice cream pressed between two dessert-like buns. Bear in mind that many “ice cream sandwiches” in the grocery aisle are made from inauthentic, palm-oil-based ice creams. Instead, order an ice cream sandwich from a local artisan ice cream maker.

Shake It Up: Ice Cream Milkshakes

At its finest, a milkshake is little more than ice cream and milk, whizzed together to create something greater than the sum of its parts. It’s perfect for sharing with a loved one, sitting side to side in a restaurant booth. But it’s equally great enjoyed alone, with no one else to hog your delicious milkshake. As always (sorry to sound like a broken record), seek out high-quality ice cream and dessert restaurants if you want the peak expression of this classic diner treat.

Hopefully, this article offers food for thought. The next time you need some dessert-based therapy, reach for one of the ice cream treats above. Look for brands that boast whole ingredients and time-honoured practices for the best ice cream available. And switch things up occasionally to try new ice cream concoctions.

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