Create an Efficient and Healthy Office Environment from These Six Aspects

“Health” is undoubtedly the most important concern of everyone, more valuable than wealth and power. For enterprises, the health of employees is equally important, and employees’ vibrant brains and bodies can create greater wealth for enterprises. According to a study by the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control, “genes” only account for 10% of the body’s health, while “living environment” accounts for more than 60%. A study in the United States found that the average human spends 90% of his time indoors, and for office workers, a lot of time is spent in the company every day. In this blog, we will discuss how to work healthily and tips.

The Health in Working and Tips


People can go days without eating or drinking, but not even a few minutes without breathing. For the control of air quality, it is recommended to ensure from the source: check the material. In addition, strict control of non-volatile gas pollution, and strict construction process management during the construction process to reduce pollution, and finally through ventilation, filtration, and maintenance, to ensure that the space is in a standard state. The protection of air quality in the office is one of the important factors in ensuring the health of employees, always keeping ventilation and increasing or reducing the frequency of air exchange according to seasonal changes.


Studies have reported that many people are actually slightly dehydrated, which can affect concentration. In terms of chlorine content, we all know that the use of chlorine in tap water is to keep clean, but the addition of excessive chlorine will affect human health. WELL requires chlorine of less than 0.6 milligrams per liter. Chloramine is less than 4 milligrams per liter. At the same time, the use of direct drinking water is advocated in the office, and activated carbon filters are used to ensure the taste of drinking water.


When serving public meals and preparing snacks, be careful to label allergens. There are nine major allergens, including shellfish, fish, soy, milk, peanuts, poultry eggs, nuts, wheat, and so on. At the same time, in the office, some food can be labeled with its nutritional content, including sugar, fat, calories, etc., so that employees can make choices and avoid eating unhealthy food. In addition, the sugar content in each bottle of drink is best not more than 30 grams, excessive intake of sugar is very harmful to health. Sweet is natural, absorbing the sugar contained in the food itself is enough.


It’s easy for most people to overlook this. The ancients worked at sunrise and rested at sunset, following the circadian rhythm. But now, especially in first-tier cities, people often work late into the night, and light design can reduce the interference of light on the human circadian rhythm. In addition to the regular items of illumination and brightness, 75% of the space should be guaranteed to receive more natural light in natural lighting, because natural light can keep people happy and improve work efficiency.


Cultivate an active and healthy lifestyle, and integrate sports and health into daily life. Our environment is changing and so is our way of life. Nowadays, everyone’s work intensity is very high, and working for a long time puts the body structure of the human body in an unhealthy position. Coupled with the lack of physical exercise, the human body cannot get a good stretch and relaxation. The harm of sedentary work is huge, even if we keep moving every day, but do not change the habit of sitting, it still causes a greater burden on the body. Qualified companies set up indoor gyms, or external cooperation with some fitness institutions.


The study pointed out that higher temperature or lower temperature will lead to lower performance; If you are in a noisy environment, performance will also drop. Secondly, it is recommended to equip employees with ergonomic office desks and chairs, that is, desks and chairs that can be raised and lowered, like standing desk. Let them feel tired when they can stand up to relieve fatigue.


A comfortable office environment can stimulate more infinite possibilities but also can make the company more vitality and active. The excellent employee benefits are even more rewarding. I hope everyone has a healthy body, and a fuller mental state, to pursue satisfactory work and want to live.

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