A Guide to Houston’s Best Tourist Spots 

Houston is a popular tourist destination because it offers the best of everything. For sightseeing, the city contains many of the top attractions across the whole of the United States. It’s also close to the Texas coastline, while a number of parks provide further opportunities for relaxation.

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The area is also important for sports lovers, with a number of top professional teams in action and plenty of chances to take in a game. With those factors in mind, here are some of Houston’s best tourist spots.

NRG Stadium

Home to the Houston Texans, the NRG Stadium is worth a visit, even if there isn’t a game on. Completed in 2002, this is a multi-purpose facility with great bars and restaurants, and it’s also possible to take in a stadium tour here.

However, the atmosphere is better on matchdays when up to 80,000 spectators can attend the major events. The Houston Texans are a competitive team in the NFL, and they always attract interest in nfl futures and other markets.

When the Texans aren’t in action, the NRG Stadium is home to college football and college basketball, while this has also been confirmed as one of the venues for the 2026 soccer World Cup. For sports fans traveling to Houston, it’s a must-see.

The Space Center

The city of Houston is synonymous with space travel, and you won’t have a problem finding related attractions. The Space Center is the obvious location and this is an incredible museum, packed with artifacts from the very first years of space exploration through to the present day.

First opened in 1992, the Space Center has evolved over time to embrace new technologies, and it now has many exciting interactive exhibits. Anybody who has lived through any part of the space age must come here. It’s fairly priced and it’s recommended that you leave at least three hours to see as much as possible.

The Houston Museum of Natural Science

Of the many museums waiting for tourists in this city, this comes with more recommendations than most. The Houston Museum of Natural Science is packed with stunning exhibits from pre-history through to the present day.

The complete dinosaur skeleton is the most photographed artifact here, but there is much more to take in, during what should be a lengthy visit.

For many, the highlight of a visit to the Museum is the butterfly center. Showcased over six floors, there are many different species of live butterflies, and they will happily land on outstretched arms to reveal their full beauty.

A day at the Museum of Natural Science and History can be completed with a visit to the Planetarium, the Space Station models and the many thousands of different mineral and fossil specimens. There’s even an iMax theater where you can sit and relax for an hour or two.

Houston Zoo

With the exception of those live butterflies, many animals at the Natural Science Museum have passed on, while some are extinct. For more current, very active species, a trip to the Houston Zoo is in order.

Over 6,000 animals call the zoo their home, and they can be seen during regular opening hours between 9am and 6pm.

Among the many highlights at Houston Zoo is the giraffe feeding platform where these giant beats are fed from on high. The zoo also puts out cameras so visitors can watch certain animals when they scurry back indoors and out of the public eye.

Houston Zoo hosts special events and it’s also possible to enjoy private parties, where booking in advance is essential. While all major cities have a zoo, Houston is very proud of its location and its dedication to animal welfare.

The Galleria

While shopping isn’t for everybody, most tourists will want to take home a souvenir of an unforgettable trip. In Houston, The Galleria is the place to be and, for those who don’t want to check out the many stores, it’s also possible to just grab a coffee or a meal. There’s also a large skating rink for those who are feeling energetic.

For those that are searching for those vacation purchases, this is a vast complex. The Galleria is the largest shopping center in Texas and the fourth biggest in the whole of the United States. For its sheer size alone, this is a tourist attraction in its own right.

There are many things to see in and around Houston, and these are merely the highlights. Along with the five locations listed above, there are more museums, galleries, sports facilities, and much more to experience.

Houston is also home to top quality restaurants and bars, and there is a host of places to stay. Whatever you decide to do here, you won’t come away disappointed.

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