A Family with Kids Can Also Have a Pet Dog! Just Get the Right Breed

People enjoy the company of their furry friends. Adopting one is easy if you are all grownups. However, a family with kids wants to decide after analyzing everything. Studies show that the company of a pet can be beneficial to your kid or adolescent’s health. Their emotional, behavioral, social, and learning skills can grow incredibly. Of various animals, dogs remain the first choice. While these lovely creatures enjoy unique personalities, choose from a breed known for their patience and affinity for kids. Although several factors can influence an option, you can focus on their size, care, and activity levels to understand if they suit your lifestyle. Here are some dog species for a home with young children.

Spaniels for demeanor

Whether you select a cocker, Boykin, Brittany, English springer, or other Spaniel variety, you can become a fan of their ability to quickly mingle with your city life. You can also go out with them. Spaniels like to please everyone. Some opine that Cavalier King Charles can be more easygoing of all, though. You can expect these puppies to behave well with kids and other dogs. They are patient and need only a little exercise, too. Whether you have a long errand or plan to travel out of town, you can carry them tension-free. But don’t leave them alone for too long.

Beagle for affectionate and gentle nature

These dog breeds are the smallest among hound dogs. You can rely on them as a company for your kids because of their friendly and loving nature. They can play all day long with children due to their high energy. However, they often bark and howl, which can be handled by training them. If you keep them as a working dog, exercise them well. Also, keep them on the leash as they can overlook your command and chase the scent they like.

Havanese for adaptability and social skills

These small city dogs with long coats are intelligent. You can train them quickly to be loyal. Because they enjoy socializing, these furry friends can entertain your kid and others.

Pug for playfulness and friendliness 

Big eyes, short hair, and small size define their personality. You can love them for being easy to handle and adaptable. Winning their loyalty is a breeze if you give them the desired attention. You must be careful when playing with them and your kid during summertime. If their body heats up, it will be challenging to cool it down. Also, they may not be suitable for strenuous activity, such as long hikes.

Golden retriever for human-like care

Some pet owners vouch for this breed for families with small kids. Their eagerness, sweet nature, and fun-loving attitude make them everyone’s favorite. They also demonstrate compassion and concern for family members and strangers. You can trust them to be a good assistant whether you visit your aging parents or do charity work with your children. However, these large dogs need enough mental and physical stimulation to be healthy. They also shed hair a lot.

Once you know what you need, you can go to an adoption center or shop to get the dog that fits into your family well.

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