5 reasons to visit Italy

If you’re busy choosing potential holiday destinations, Italy should be at the top of your list. Millions of international tourists visit every month, drawn in by its incredible combination of food, culture, history and more!

In fact, there’s so much on offer here that the hardest part might be narrowing down your options. It’s relatively compact and well connected though, so if you have the luxury of time, you can easily travel around its top locations on an adventurous Italy tour.

So what can you expect from this Mediterranean showstopper famously shaped like a boot? Discover five of the best reasons to visit Italy below!  

The food

Let’s start with the obvious draw of Italy: the food! A huge 2019 global survey found Italian cuisine to be the world’s most popular. So if, like many, you also love pizza and pasta, where better to go than their birthplace?

That’s not to mention ice cream, risotto and coffee! You can’t forget about Italian wines either, especially coming from the vineyards of Tuscany, Piedmont and Lombardi.

The architecture

Italy is home to some of the most famous and beautiful buildings in the world, making it a must-see for architecture buffs. Top landmarks include:

  • The Colosseum, Pantheon and Trevi Fountain in Rome
  • St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican City
  • The Duomo in Florence
  • The Duomo in Milan
  • The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Architectural styles range from Roman times to the renaissance and modern era, giving you plenty of variety to discover on your travels.

The history and culture

Italy is also one of the top destinations in the world for history lovers! Rome and Pompeii showcase the best of the Roman times for example, while Tuscany celebrates the Italian Renaissance and Milan the modern ages.

Among those ranks were many of the best known and loved artists in the world too, from Da Vinci to Michelangelo and Sandro Botticelli. Florence, Rome and Venice in particular are home to incredible museums and galleries, so book ahead to beat the queues!

The variety

One of the best things about Italy is that it offers something for everyone. While your first thought might be its historic cities, it also boasts incredible countryside, mountains, coastlines and islands!

There’s the undeniable glamour of the Amalfi Coast and the Italian lakes, the rolling hills of Tuscany, the peaks of the Alps and Dolomites and the sizzling island of Sicily. In short, whatever kind of holiday you want, you can have it!

The romance

Sure, it helps that it has many of the most beautiful landscapes and buildings in the world – but Italy is perfect for a romantic getaway too.

Whether you’re enjoying a gondola ride down the busy canals of Venice or eating in the secluded square of a tiny traditional town, you’ll find romance at every turn. Hey, even the language is beautiful!

With all these things considered, have you booked your Italian getaway yet?!

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