10 Unique & Meaningful Tattoos For The One True Pair

Oh, to be in love. It is such an incredibly enchanting feeling. It’s when you know there is a special person who is always by your side – no matter what, and you are by theirs. It’s priceless! 

Being able to find that one person who understands you completely, is rare and if you’re one of the lucky ones who has found their better half, soulmate, ride or die, then you should consider getting inked with your partner to commemorate your love for each other. When you’re in love, it’s natural to want to announce it to the world, so why not get unique and meaningful tattoos to announce it to the world?

When you and your partner are deciding on a tattoo, make sure to get something that is based on your values, personalities,  even an inside joke! Whatever you decide, remember to get something that represents both of you.

The tattoo design doesn’t necessarily have to be huge; small and dainty tattoos can be just as impactful, if not more!

We have gathered 10 unique unique couple tattoos that will 100% inspire you to get inked with your S.O.! 

Puzzle Tattoo 

The jigsaw puzzle tattoo is a fantastic way to affirm that your partner completes you. The simple line tattoo design is subtle and effective. 

The best place to get this tattoo will be on the wrist. When you get your wrists closer, it will look like the puzzle is complete. How cute!

Playful Couple Tattoo 

This a very cute and playful tattoo design for couples. We love the comic book illustration style. This is a perfect tattoo for couples who don’t take themselves too seriously and have fun with each other. This tattoo has a very “youthful love” vibe and we’re all for it. Definitely one of our favourite unique tattoos for couples.

Yin & Yang Tattoo

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Is your partner the yin to your yang? Of course, they are! This is a very popular tattoo design for couples. You can also ask for the design to be as intricate as you want. The Yin Yang tattoo will look great on wrists, upper arms and ankles.

Adorable Long Distance Couple Tattoo

This tattoo is a great reminder that “love knows no distance”.  If you’re in a long-distance relationship, then this tattoo will be perfect for you and your partner. 

Heartbeat Tattoo

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The heartbeat tattoo is one of the best small tattoos for women and men. It is super minimalistic yet impactful. The placement of the tattoo on the ring finger signifies how deep the couple’s love and commitment is towards each other. A design truly meant for the OTP! 

Lock and Key Tattoo 

You just can’t wrong with a lock and key tattoo! It is simple yet meaningful. It implies that there is only one person that has the key to your heart. You can also go for a more elaborate design and experiment with colours too. 

This tattoo can be placed on the ring finger, ankle and inner forearm. 

Face and Rose Tattoo

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This tattoo is so delicate and pretty. The fine line face and rose exude a very soft and minimalistic vibe. This is a great tattoo design if you’re looking for something soft and elegant. 

Date and Pulse Tattoo Design On The Wrist

This is a pulse tattoo with a date. Everything about this tattoo checks all the boxes. The placement of the tattoo is genius. The date denotes a special day for the couple, probably when the couple got engaged. 

Fine Line Sun & Moon Tattoo

There is probably a high chance that you have come across the sun & moon tattoo more than once in your journey to decide on the perfect tattoo. But, this sun & moon tattoo has a charming twist. 

The sun and moon are held by hand motifs. This is one of the most adorable and unique tattoos for couples.

Watercolour Tattoo For Couples

Watercolour tattoos are so beautiful and have so much scope for personalization and creativity. These beautiful watercolour bird tattoos symbolize freedom and safety, perfect for any loving couple. 

We hope this blog has inspired you to go ahead and get inked with your partner! 

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