Understanding Paraphimosis: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Know by Best IVF Centre in Delhi

Understanding Paraphimosis: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Know by Best IVF Centre in Delhi

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There are many problems related to fertility and genetal regions prevalent currently in the world. Paraphimosis is such a condition where a patient faces a serious issue which is related to his genital.

Basically, Paraphimosis is a situation in which the foreskin which has been pulled back behind the penis’s tip is stuck there. In this condition, the stuck foreskin and even the penis swell, inviting the build-up of fluid. This results in the inability of the retracted foreskin to return where it belongs.

Causes Leading to Paraphimosis

Various factors are responsible for different health issues. Below are the causes told by the  IVF Centre in Delhi, that lead to the occurrence of Paraphimosis:

  • Genital Infection: Not maintaining proper genetal hygiene can lead to ample infections. Washing your penis gently on a daily basis is necessary to avoid any kind of genital allergy.
  • Injury in Penis: There are several minor or big injuries that can result in causing Paraphimosis. Activities like extremely rough sex, an insect bite, a scar or a piercing on the genetal part can lead to this ailment.
  • Incorrect Circumcision: If the circumcision is performed imperfectly by the surgeon then it can also increase the chances of having Paraphimosis.
  • Diabetes: Due to the chronic inflammation of penis and foreskin, an individual suffering with diabetes can become a patient of Paraphimosis.

Considerable Symptoms to Identify Paraphimosis

As per the Best IVF Centre, it is important to be known regarding the certain signals showing the presence of paraphimosis. Below are mentioned some of the primary symptoms to recognize paraphimosis :

  • Foreskin gets stuck: When one is unable to pull back his stuck foreskin to its original place. It is the visible indication of paraphimosis.
  • Penis Swells: When the retracted skin and penis gets swollen, it is the sign of paraphimosis.
  • Pain and Irritation in Penis: When one feels very uncomfortable and feels a pain in the genital region, it is a symptom that you may suffer from paraphimosis.

Other than these potential symptoms, if you are having trouble while urinating or witnessing redness or tenderness in your penis, then also you should consult a specialist and verify if there’s any possibility of facing paraphimosis or not. Staying attentive is very essential in this case.

Treatments Available for the Cure of Paraphimosis

As Soon as you get to know that you are paraphimosis positive, you should consult the Best IVF Centre to get yourself cured. Following are some of the affective treatments to be considered to diagnose paraphimosis:

  • Squeezing Penis Tip: Squeezing the tip of the penis in an appropriate manner can be helpful in getting the foreskin return where it belongs. A guidance from your consulted doctor can help to attain the best results.
  • Dorsal Slit Method: This process involves making a slit in the foreskin known as ‘dorsal slit’ in order to make the foreskin get back over the glands. Make it sure to select an IVF Centre with high quality standards in terms of treatments and facilities.
  • Circumcision Surgery: In this, to get rid of paraphimosis, some or all of the foreskin is removed through surgery.


In an overview, it can be concluded that having a detailed knowledge of issues regarding sexual organs is very vital for every individual. Because an informative person will take every possible precaution in order to avoid any kind of genetal allergy.

The highly reputed IVF Centre based in Delhi has understood the significance of knowing the various fertility and genital issues and thus analyzing these problems in detail and providing regular information. 

After understanding the issue of paraphimosis, we have gone through the causes, symptoms and treatments of the disease. All of the above mentioned information is enough for any individual to understand Paraphimosis.

Apart from this, if you are dealing with any fertility issue then you should go for opting the best centre providing IVF cure. And most importantly, knowing about the IVF Cost in Delhi is very much important as you can compare the costs of clinics and choose the most affordable cum quality treatment available in the town. Wishing the best for you

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